Texas Saturday Night!


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Dec 15, 2019

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Mar 5, 2018
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I was stationed in Okinawa, 06-08, and had just really starting hearing Texas Country. Towards the end of a good night (read lots of Jack) a song was played I was unfamiliar with. The next groggy day I searched the internet for a song talking about somewhere in Texas. The one that came up was good, but not what I heard. It took until the next weekend to ask my buddies at the bar what I had actually heard. What I heard was Jason Boland, what the internet provided was George Strait.

Also a great song, but now as a Texan, I’ll take the Jason Boland title over King George.


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May 4, 2017
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Man if that’s not one of the greatest songs ever. There’s only a couple more that evoke the same emotions.
Theres tons of Texas guys but Boland is one of my favorites. Ive seen him a few times over the years. Always puts on a good show.

Theres a show i would have loved to see a few years back in College Station. Jason Boland, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Blue Edmundson, Stoney Larue, Wade Bowen & Randy Rogers.

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