Texas Stolen Gun Info - What to do.

Discussion in 'Stolen Property & Criminality' started by pawncop, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Alrighty then....

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    I replied to this post once already, but for some reason it disappeared. As mentioned, there is no firearms registration in Texas so either you are living somewhere else or you got back info. Secondly, unless the guns were reported stolen when they disappeared it's unlikely that the police will take action without proof of their theft. About the only option you have is to take with the family member that sold them and see if he would be willing to give you that person's contact info. If you're lucky and he does so, then maybe you can convince the buyer to sell the one you want back to you. Otherwise, you've not really go any recourse from what I see. It's a sad situation, and I'm doubtful that you'll be able to recover any of the weapons...
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    Cyndi Bowers

    well It is just i as figured,,, since they were in fact registered i was thinking maybe that could find out that they were registered in his name (my Dad's that is ),,, As far checking with station were my grandpa well Goldsmith is a small town about 300 ,,, Ector County Sheriff now have that jurisdiction ,,, , when he served the town was more populated about 1500 ,,,tried contacting the step family members who did sell them suddenly they have amnesia,,lol,,, when i called them on the conversation they had with my aunt suddenly they became defensive . Their response was "prove it",, i have been advised to file theft against them in Polk County. It would allow an investigation to be opened in the matter. I have given them the option verbally to just return it ,,, and that will still be an option but if not that force me to take legal recourse. Any how thanks for your response to this.

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