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May 29, 2017
Austin, TX
Thanks to several members, notably USMCPMI and MadMo, we've fired up a competition involving members from all over the state. The premise of it is as follows:


The purpose of this is a friendly challenge between cities, and to improve our skills as shooters.


Teams are composed of 4 persons from your area. There are no restrictions on background or ability.

Cities that have large numbers of persons may form more than one team, but a person may only shoot for one team.

Team members must be a member of Texas Gun Talk.

Course of Fire

1.) Centerfire Only
2.) Optics are NOT Restricted
3.) B27 Targets Only (See Example Here)
4.) Carbines and Stockless Rifles are NOT Allowed (Eg. Contenders)

5 Shots at 3 Yards
5 Shots at 7 Yards
5 Shots at 15 Yards
5 Shots at 25 Yards

Course of fire is to be shot standing, one or two handed, with no fixed rests of any kind, and there is no limit on time.


Score is to be assessed by a single person on the team, to be delegated by the team.

Scoring counts as follows:

X - 10 Points
9 - 9 Points
8 - 8 Points
7 - 7 Points

1.) Any shot outside of the 7 ring counts as a zero.
2.) The majority of the hole must be within a ring to count for the higher value.


Cheaters will be shot, hung, drug, quartered, and fed to pigs.

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