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Apr 7, 2009
I seem to have a little trouble finding exactly what I'm looking for here when I use the vBulletin's built-in search feature. Instead, I head over to Google and search like this:

"best shooting range"
This will return all threads with the exact phrase "best shooting range"

This will return all threads with the word handloads

"Gander Mountain" -academy
This will return all threads with the phrase Gander Mountain but will omit the thread if academy is in there

Keep in mind that a lot of ppl (pun intended) abbreviate Gander Mountain to GM, Carter's Country to CC, Wal-mart to wally world, etc. so you have to get creative to find what you're looking for. I found a lot of information here by using Google. Chances are, if it's not something particularly new, it's already been discussed and can be dug up by searching. :)

Also, using Google to search TGT reduces the number of queries on the server. In other words, Google's computer's do all the work instead of TGT's server.

Hope this helps!
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