The ATF/FBI came to talk to me yesterday.


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Jul 31, 2011
hill co.
They must get tired listening to me talk to my dog... the conversations are pretty one-sided... nary even a woof in response!

Nope. Every comment will be dissected with context removed in order to build whatever case is needed if/when you get the spotlight.

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Dec 15, 2019
Just because someone might show up to a party uninvited doesn’t mean I’ll start sending invitations.

You do you.

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Apparently the humor and sarcasm of my post went right over your head.

Personally, I wouldn't give any LE officer or agency the time of day, or even a weather report without an attorney present.

Without a search warrant, they get nothing from me.


Defund Gun Control !
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Aug 31, 2013
Grand Prairie, TX
I do have a Facebook account, but very seldom use it very often anymore, and I know a lot of members here detest FB, but here's a novel idea. Lots of members setting up FB accounts and talking about buying "solvent traps" and ragging on the FBI and the ATF to just jerk their chains a bit!
You send me the address to the "pound-me-in-the-ass" prison they put you in and we'll come visit you and bring toilet paper and chocolate.

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