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The inspiration for "Dirty Harry" was a CC PD'er

Discussion in 'Corpus Christi' started by leVieux, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. leVieux

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    Mar 28, 2013
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    A true tale of efficient policing from the grandfather of Corpus' "Blue Meanies" and the real-life "Dirty Harry":

    "Officer Mudd"

    During the 1950's through 1970's, The Corpus Christi Police Department had an infamous motorcycle traffic cop named "Officer Mudd".

    Mudd was an impressive fellow, tall, ramrod straight, and always spit-and-polish; very formal, officious, & a real martinet; the plague of drivers young & old.

    Officer Mudd wore a blue police uniform with riding-breeches type pants, tall shiny black motorcycle boots, large dark aviator sunglasses, and a white helicopter pilot type crash helmet. A large "Dirty Harry" Smith & Wesson revolver was always on his hip.

    Mudd took himself very, very seriously; and his work even more seriously. To Mudd, 5 mph over the posted speed limit was equivalent to being a serial killer or mass murderer.

    On one occasion, the Police Chief had advised traffic officers to not just take the word of speeding physicians who claimed to be "going to an emergency". This was in the very early 1970's, before Emergency Departments had round-the-clock emergency physician coverage; so many of our emergencies were real.

    My late friend and mentor, Jim Barnard, MD, was zipping along in his little red Porsche one morning and was stopped by Mudd.

    Jim explained that he was going to the Memorial Hospital E.D. to help a baby in severe respiratory distress.

    Officer Mudd escorted Jim in and watched as Jim intubated the child, put him on a respirator, and called in other doctors to help save the child.

    An hour or so later, when the situation was under control, Mudd motioned Jim over and wrote him a speeding ticket.

    Another hour or so later, Dr. Jim, Mudd, & the Chief of Police were standing in the Mayor's office.

    The Chief was unhappy with Mudd and asked him what he thought he was doing, writing Jim a ticket AFTER seeing that it was a bona fide emergency call.

    Officer Mudd replied that "Chief, you told us to follow them; but you never said to not write the ticket if the emergency was real."

    The Chief, exasperated with Mudd, asked him: "Mudd, do you realize that, as the Mayor of our City, Dr. Jim Barnard, here, is MY BOSS ?"

    Jim told me this story, himself, soon after the event !


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