The Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 in Review...


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Feb 22, 2008
Austin, TX
As many know, Milt Sparks holsters are some of the highest quality leather holsters on the market.

Hand made by a single builder, each holster is made for the specific weapon that will be used. Each IWB holster they produce has the famous FBI cant.

The wait is long(6 months for mine), but completely worth it.

The price came in right around $105 for a VM2 in Cowhide, cordovan, Colt Officer's ACP.

The VM2 is a strong side only, inside the waistband, dual purpose, smooth side out holster.


On the front face of the holster you can see the attention to detail that is taken by the craftsman. Two leather belt loops that are non pivoting are attached sturdy hex key screws, and snaps. The wide berth the belt loops give to the body of the holster gives it a very flat profile. The mouth of the holster is reinforced with a metal band. This metal band keeps the holster from collapsing when the weapon is drawn, and give you a nice one handed resolster since you do not have to reopen the mouth by hand. A nice flap on the backside of the mouth protects the body from the somtimes sharp and pinchy thumb safety of you weapon.


On the rear face of the holster you can see continued attention to detail from the craftsman. Even the rear face eloquently accents the lines of your weapon. You can see the tough flap to protect your skin better in this picture. Also, as you can see the metal band wraps almost completely around this holster.


The snaps on the holster can be easily unsnapped for quick donning and doffing of the holster. When new, they are very tight, and hard to manipulate, but after use come into a nice operation. Milt Sparks builds these holster and belt loops with tight tollerances. If you get belt loops for a 1.5" belt, then a 1.5" belt will fit perfectly. Some belt manufacturers sell 1.5" belts that are not 1.5", but slightly larger. Though the holster still fits the belt if you keep the belt loops snapped, you will not be able to drop the holster in, and snap the snaps around the belt. The belt loops are sturdy, and indeed keep the holster in place, no matter what. The belt loops are interchangable as well. For $18 a set you can get extra belt loops from 1" to 1 3/4". Milt Sparks also offers kydex clips for $16 a set that allow you to tuck your shirt over your weapon.




This holster will conceal your weapon with just about any t-shirt. As with any over garment, if you bend over at the waist, you will print through your shirt. Paying attention to how you move will determine how well you will be able to conceal your weapon. If you need to bend down to pick something up, simply bend your knees and kneel or squat. The VM2 will keep you concealed in these positions unless you have a short shirt on that rises above your belt line. A longer t-shirt, or collared button up shirt will help you out a lot.


From the rear you can see how tight the VM2 hugs the weapon to your body. With the VM2, I can walk, run, jump, what have you, and the weapon does not bounce around or move. With the way the holster holds the weapon to the body, I have not had any problems with chaffing or scratching, even with Simonich Gunner Grips on my 1911. Instead, I get more of a massage effect from them.


From a side profile you can really experience the flat profile of this holster. It hugs the body nicely, and puts the weapon in a great position for a drawn presentation. With the FBI cant of this holster, you have a very smooth and quick draw stroke from the rear of the hip bone.

This holster really holds your weapon in place. Both on the belt, and retention wise in the holster. When the holster is brand new, fit of the holster to your weapon is tight. With practice of drawing, and re-holstering your weapon, the holster loosens up a bit, and allows for very smooth operation. The holster never seems to get too loose.

I have had this holster for over a year now, and have used it quite a bit. It still looks freakin brand new, and there is hardly any wear inside the holster for drawing and re-holstering my weapon. It is the most comfortable belt mounted holster I have ever had, and is built like a brick shit house. I have worn the holster almost daily, and in upwards of 16 hours in one sitting, and have had no discomfort what so ever.

The quality and attention to detail with this holster is amazing, and IMNSHO is worth well over the $105 price tag. Having owned this holster, I would have paid $300 for it with what I know now.

The folks at Milt Sparks are awesome to deal with, and very kind. The customer service I had while ordering, waiting, and using this holster is bar none the best I have seen. While I was waiting for this holster to be completed, I would get phone calls letting me know where I was in the que, and what stage my holster was in during the build. Top notch folks, and a top flight holster.

This company will get my business again. In the future, look for me writing a review on the Milt Sparks gun belt, and the new Axiom holster. It's going to be a wait, but worth it I'm sure.

Any questions on the holster, or need of more pictures just let me know folks. Also let me know what you think of the review. I'm always looking to improve on how I write this stuff.


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Jan 24, 2009
New Braunfels, TX
Excellent review, especially wearing a thin t-shirt. Fits nice and tight to the body. I will definitely look into getting one of these holsters. Thanks for the pictures.


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Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
I agree, the VMII is a great holster however, I found the Brommeland MaxConV even better. It's much thinner and just melts into my body. To keep from ending up with a drawer full, I sold off everything I wasn't going to use and have stuck with the MCV.

Now if anyone wants to order one, it's May 1st and for now, Sparks is taking orders. In April they stopped taking orders by the 3rd. They've gotten busy again.

When they stop taking orders, it means they have reached the 24-26 week wait limit they have set. They won't take an order is the wait exceeds that time-frame. Call now and be ready to dial over and over.

Very nice review by the way.


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Feb 22, 2008
Austin, TX
Thanks gents.

JKTex, I'll have to get one of those Brommeland holsters.

Sig, I bought that shirt to wear on site when we had a retarded project manager that caused problems.


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Feb 17, 2009
Excellent job, I've been eyeballing these for a while and my only concern is if I will have any issues since I have a more rounded body, any larger folk have any recommendations for concealment?

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Mar 4, 2009
Fort Worth
excellent review with excellent photos to boot



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