The Reason I Carry A Handgun

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  • zaraster

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    Mar 19, 2008
    The reason I carry a handgun.
    First let me tell you I have never pulled my gun on anyone.
    It is my deep desire that my handgun is only used at the target range as a sport.
    I have no desire to ever hurt anyone. It is not likely that I will ever need a handgun for self defense and then hopefully just showing it will do the trick.
    Now having stated that let me tell you my gun is secured on my body in a good holster I can run roll and even God forbid fight and it will stay secure. It is my last line of defense.
    Have you ever noticed that when the crazy people go on a killing spree they don’t go to army post or police stations instead they go to places where they know there will be no or few or no armed citizens? Why do you think that is?
    I have been trained to #1 be aware of my surroundings and avoid trouble spots.

    #2 Flee a bad situation if that can be done safely. #3 Do my best to defuse a bad situation with reasoning and talk. #4 some people out there are just bad and will take your life for nothing. Should these people come after me or the people I love I will save our lives in any manner I can and that includes deadly force.
    The world is a dangerous place to be it always has been just read the history books. It will always be a dangerous place to live. The only thing that keeps bad people from doing bad is fear. Fear of being punished. Be that punishment jail after they have done bad things or the knowledge that the next person they are going after may have a weapon of some kind.
    It was not very long ago that 9-11 happened and the
    Oklahoma bombing. Who is to say that the next attack want be smaller lets say shoot up a Wal-Mart or a High School football game . During World War 2 one of the reasons the Japanese did not attack mainland America was because they were aware that the public was armed. It was also noted by the Russians (Read your history books) who know what might be next we should not go around living in fear but we should be prepared.
    This country in the beginning relayed on the armed citizen’s to rally to the countries defense
    the second amendment was written before we had a standing army and in the writings of the founding fathers it is clear the armed citizen is the militia they had in mind. It is clear that they did not trust standing armies or large central government. In this day and time it is necessary to have a large standing army and it is still just as necessary to have armed civilian population as a last line of defense.
    Hitler did very bad and evil things but only after disarming the public in for there own safety.


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