The times are changing for the police



Oct 15, 2013
That's always been the way I saw it. Lead by example. The police are held to higher standards because they are supposed to have higher morals and values. They don't get to take "time-off" from being the good guy. They are expected to protect the innocent and apprehend the guilty, no matter whom that may be. Unfortunately, the human element will occasionally fail us — deliberately even.


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Sep 29, 2009
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What I really don't like is how he still seems to think that the laws don't apply to cops.

The other day, I was off duty in my personal vehicle and I noticed a marked police car from a neighboring jurisdiction fly by me at about 30 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. Not only was he speeding, he was also tailgating other vehicles and intimidating them into moving over.

Now, because it was nearing 0800 hours and that squad was heading straight toward the local police academy, I had a feeling that this officer from the neighboring county was simply on his way to a continuing education class. Since the academy is near our agency, I figured I would drive by the academy to confirm my suspicions.

I was correct.

Officer Leadfoot climbed out of his cruiser in his wrangler jeans and tactical boots and walked into the academy.

Once I looked at the situation from a citizen’s perspective instead of a cop’s perspective, I was able to at least see their side of things.
So it's okay to speed (by a LOT), drive recklessly, intimidate other drivers, and generally make the roads unsafe for everyone if you're late for a class - but only if you're a cop. His conclusion is that you shouldn't be caught driving like that, but only because the chief will have to make up an excuse to cover you. It doesn't seem to have occurred to him that people get killed like that and a ton and a half of metal really doesn't care if there's a badge inside it or not. Only that this is how the cops protect the department from the people that want to restrict them.

That mentality is exactly what is wrong with many LEOs across the nation.


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Sep 29, 2009
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The man had some common sense to share.
What did I miss?
See my previous post. I don't feel like quoting the whole thing and bolding parts. But there are several out of place apostrophes and "anymore" where there should be "any more". Probably more I didn't note either.


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Jan 24, 2011
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Most LE are good/great guys. There are far less rotten apples in their profession than scumbags in the general population.

Having said that, they must be held to a higher standard, and when they fail the public trust, the punishment must be severe; no excuses.


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