There is something that separates our country from others.


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Oct 22, 2008
DFW Keller


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
I've seen it before. My eyes were leaking through the whole thing. It is great to see everyone, and such a wide variety of people all come together to show their support like that.


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Jan 23, 2009
Very nice find Navy.
The music used was enough to bring a tear but the taps really hit hard when I think my only son is in the Army soon to deploy over seas - this could have just as easily been him.
I am very proud of all our men and woman that serve our country.
They are all heroes!!!!
GOD bless them one and all!


Jun 28, 2009
Houston, Texas
We hear so much about the younger generation being a bad lot, the country going down the tubes, etc. I went to my daughter's award ceremony when she received an award as an outstanding student at her college. There were probably twenty students receiving outstanding student awards who were veterans. Many of those veterans were in ROTC and will be returning to the service as new officers. One of the young men who received an award that night had suffered severe injuries while pulling wounded soldiers from a burning HUMVEE that had been hit by an RPG. Because of his injuries, he can not return to service but has distinguished himself academically and received his outstanding student award for his service to other veterans who are students because of the time he volunteers to assist them with PTSD and to help the ones who have other issues get help.

This is a fabulous country and that is proven through the youth who are selflessly stepping up to go in harms way. The coming generation will be the best leaders we've had since the WWII generation.

Phoebe Ann

Jun 1, 2009
Houston ish
That was so touching. Thank you for posting that link Navyguy.

I flew into Newport News last year to visit a friend. He took me over to Ft. Eustis for a walkabout and it was overwhelming. I could not believe all the young guys in uniform who looked like they were 16 years old. I saw young and old, every color, every race. Everywhere I looked, uniforms, polished boots, every pin perfectly placed, soldiers doing their jobs, many coming back from overseas, many getting ready to leave.

That's the moment it became reality to me. When I saw the faces of these soldiers, I looked into the face of my freedom. I am so thankful for what generations of soldiers have done and for those that are fighting now. They really are heros. I salute them all.
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