Thermal Optic suggestions.

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  • Thumper2336

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    Jun 26, 2022
    I have a can on a 308 and want to get into hunting hogs at night, but I know nothing about night scopes or thermal scopes. Any Advice?


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    May 4, 2017
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    The trick with thermal is getting a unit that has a minimum resolution of 384. If your not getting 384 resolution, then save up for one that does have 384 resolution. If you have the extra money to bump up to 640 resolution then go that route. Buy once cry once.

    If your looking for 384 on a budget, then go with the AGM RATTLER TS25. You can find them for about $1999. If you have some extra money then I would say go with a Pulsar Thermion like the XQ38. They're about $3400. I've messed around with the AGMs & the PULSARS. Both are good but you do get 1 shot sight in with the Pulsar products vs AGM. Also Pulsar has audio when it records & the AGM does not. For the price point you really can't beat those AGM RATTLERS.
    There is also the BERING OPTICS that make the Hogster & Yoter scopes. They are pretty good for the price point also.

    The other thing I would look at is base magnification. The Rattler TS25 is 1.5 base, the Pulsar XQ38 is 2.5 base I believe. The greater the base magnification the less peripheral vision you will have in the scope. If your hunting thick woods the less base magnification of 1.5 is better. If your hunting open pastures several hundred yards of openness then a 3x base magnification would be ideal. If your always hunting different properties, then I would recommend getting a scope with a laser range finder.
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    Double Naught Spy

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    Mar 4, 2008
    North Texas
    I have a can on a 308 and want to get into hunting hogs at night, but I know nothing about night scopes or thermal scopes. Any Advice?

    Okay, what do you plan to be hunting? At what sort of typical distances and what would be your longest distances shot? Are you hunting forest or open land? What is your budget?

    You have the options of traditional night vision, digital night vision and thermal. Traditional night vision is pricey and you can get Gen 3 which is really good, but occasionally you will still need an IR light. It must be protected from daylight.

    Digital night vision can be used just fine in the daylight, but nearly always will need an IR illuminator or other light source at night. Some of it is quite good (like the Sightmark Wraith 4Ks).

    Depending on your needs, low end 384 resolution thermal may be good enough for what you want to do and be better than night vision of either type.

    Most night hunters prefer thermal, largely because it never needs an IR illuminator, can see into the shadows where night vision doesn't go or go well, and is not confused by typical camo patterns. Yep, camo works against night vision just like it works against regular vision. Less of a problem for thermal, animals can be somewhat disguised by being particularly wet (and hence chilled) or hot and blending in with their environment.
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