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  • V-Tach

    Watching While the Sheep Graze
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    Sep 30, 2012
    It's fun pulling off an older persons sock and finding gangrene/open wound full of maggots.........

    Everyone should have the experience.................


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    Jan 23, 2014
    Liberty Hill
    Don't they only eat the dead tissue? Sounds like a symbiotic relationship to me.

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    Usually - unless this happened 50 years ago before the eradication of Screw worms. Then there is this:


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    Mar 19, 2010
    Austin, Texas
    The dry, black gangrene that just breaks off isn't bad. The wet that drains the stuff that looks like vanilla pudding can get funky. The green drainage has its own special aroma.
    Had a habitual car burglar we all knew get arrested for related warrants by the evening shift. He went by the hospital first because he had surgery on his feet to remove toes on both feet iirc, well that was a month ago and he likely hadn't removed his shoes since then and his feet were rotting away. The evening shift had to go in, so I had to go wait with him. He ended up being magistrated in the hospital since he was going to be there a few days. I sat in the hall where I could see him while I waited for the slow wheels of justice to turn, but even out there the stench was powerful.

    I assume both feet were amputated at a minimum. I don't know if he lived or died, but I haven't seen the guy since and I was running into him monthly before...

    Надіслано з дому вашої мами за допомогою Tapatalk


    Crotchety, Snarky, Truthful. You'll get over it.
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    Jul 23, 2011
    Little Elm
    I was running into him monthly before...

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    He's probably not doing much running on the stumps right now.

    Get him some of these for the stumps. Heelys


    Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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