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This is the man the Dems want as POTUS

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Moonpie, Mar 23, 2020.

  1. TJjerry

    TJjerry Member

    Nov 5, 2019
    Magnolia, tx
    The Dems will in no way try to go to the finish line with a loser like slow Joe. In the past they have made States change ballet names because their "guy" polled poorly. They found a Judge to agree (against the law) made the State reprint ballets.
    I would bet that they will pick at the convention, Gov Cuomo.

  2. candcallen

    candcallen Purveyor of Snark Humor and Truth.

    Jul 23, 2011
    Little Elm
    Cuomo won't be president. He would have ran already but comes across as a mob boss. Only New York fools would vote for him.
  3. Axxe55

    Axxe55 Professional Troublemaker, and Dog Whisperer!

    Dec 15, 2019
    Deep East Texas
    I truly believe that Biden is in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, or dementia. What is even sadder, is whether anyone likes him or not, is irrelevant, but he's being used by everyone around him for their own personal agendas.

    Having gone through these diseases with several loved ones, it's something I would not wish upon anyone. Not even Biden.

    I think he was a poor VP, would make an extremely poor choice for president, and was a corrupt politician, who used his political offices for financial gain. But, I feel more of sadness, or maybe pity for him now. He needs help and support, but instead, is being used, and taken advantage of.
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  4. Dawico

    Dawico Uncoiled Lifetime Member

    Oct 15, 2009
    Lampasas, Texas
    While I think old Joe is losing it he is exactly who the Democrats want in office. He will push their agenda wherever they want it without any thoughts.

    He's a puppet and we all know it.

    I just can't believe our country is allowing this farce to continue. Corruption at its finest and right in our faces.

    Old Joe is lucky I wasn't that auto worker in Michigan.
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  5. m5215

    m5215 Pistoleer

    Sep 3, 2018
    Plano, TX
    It seems to me at the moment that the DNC is more concerned about stopping and sidelining Bernie Sanders and going against anything related to Trump even if it means upsetting their own voters. In the end this strategy may very well help Trump win the election.
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  6. TJjerry

    TJjerry Member

    Nov 5, 2019
    Magnolia, tx
    The Dems didn't mind and loved the last mob boss, Hillary. Joe Biden has too much baggage and history to attack. Joe would mean that a lot of Dems would have to hold their nose to vote for him. Kinda like I felt about having to vote for Bob Dole and John McCain. They will not go to the polls with a forecasted looser, I'm just sayin.
  7. ronbwolf

    ronbwolf Member

    Feb 3, 2016
    " Only New York fools would vote for him."


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  8. Moonpie

    Moonpie U.S. Rifle M1 caliber .30 Lifetime Member

  9. Glenn B

    Glenn B Well-Known TGT Supporter

    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana Area
    I saw that last night, it is sad that happens to anyone - it is sadder still that the Democrats hope this invalid will become our president only so that his choice as VP becomes president. The thing is, depending on what noise Bernie can make about anything he accomplished during the COVID-19 crisis , he may be able to actually surge way ahead of Biden (but only if there ever are any additional Dem primaries held this year).
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  10. Axxe55

    Axxe55 Professional Troublemaker, and Dog Whisperer!

    Dec 15, 2019
    Deep East Texas
    I have to believe that is entirely possible.

    It's just shameful in how they are using Biden in the condition he's in.

    Regardless of what many people may think of him, it's just wrong.

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