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Mar 6, 2009
North Dallas
OK here goes with the recent cigarette tax increase I have decided to quit smoking and give my Taxes to the Gun industry! SO every week I can go without smoking I am going to put the money I would have spent on that carton in my gun safe and buy a new gun or more ammo! Mind you I have never had much success at this and I am a 43 yr old man who has smoked heavy most of my life but I never really had a hobby to keep me going so hopefully soon I can start building my arsonal of weapons and who knows maybe even afford to shoot them too!
So wish me luck and screw the government taxes, Smith & Wesson can have my share for a little while now!


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Jan 28, 2009
Houston, Cy-Fair
I'll give you a very crude tool in your fight. Give each and every cigarette a man's name just before you light it and insert it.

EDIT: Good Luck!!!


May 9, 2008
North Zulch, TX
Good luck boycan! Its tough but can be done. Toothpicks and hard candy can be a huge help. If you can make the first couple of days it gets much easier. Whatever you do, don't buy a pack and "see" how it is. This has been the reason I failed everytime. It's an all or nothing commitment. You will notice within the first couple of weeks that you physically feel better, but you won't notice any drastic physical improvements (or so I've been told) until somewhere in the one year smoke free timeframe. Again, good luck. I anticipate being in your shoes (again) this weekend when my last ones run out. I have told myself I won't buy anymore and am hoping to actually stick with it this time.


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Feb 1, 2009
I have no will power at all. Yet I quit. I know you can do this.


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Mar 8, 2009
San Antonio
Right now I am eating sunflower seeds like a rabid chipmunk! ;-)

I quit chewing tobacco last November. I still chew sunflower seeds like a fiend, but have yet to relapse on the juice. So instead of mouth and throat cancer, I will have high bloodpressure and a heart attack from the sodium. All well at least the wife isn't b**ching
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