Tracking Point. Some comments after shooting the rifle in September 2013

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  • SC-Texas

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    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    I was invited to a tracking point demo in September. They set up on the 600 yard line and put me behind the rifle. August Crocker walked me through the system and I sent a few rounds down range.

    First impressions. . . . . WOW. Makes life easy.

    You still have to apply the fundamentals. A steady hold, Good technique. . . . You have to be able to mark the target exactly where you want the POI to be. Good breathing . . . You have to sweep the rifle over the locked spot on the Target to get it to release the round. The trigger technique is different . . . You have to move the rifle over the marked spot . . While depressing the trigger

    But the. . . . Wind . . You still have to be able to call wind. Any monkey . . Even this lawyer right here can figure holdover. I have a handy app on my phone that tells me what I need to know.

    But learning to call wind . . Well that separates the wannabes from the . . . Well the true skilled shooters.

    If you are off on the wind. . . Well . . Even with this technological masterpiece, you can miss.

    Optically . . . I didn't have a Schmidt and bender or some other known quantity but I don't expect the ccd video screen to the the equal of top glass.

    The price. . . $27,000.00.

    It is tied to one ammo, but most of us are shooting one load in our rifles anyway.

    The price. . . .did I say it is $27k. 27 large?

    One question that wasn't and couldn't test at the range. How robust is the system in a field environment? Wet, mud, bumps, drops, vibrations and all the other general crap that it will be subjected to on a hunt?

    How easy is it to calibrate? Do you even know that calibration has failed until you miss that trophy elk at 800 yards?



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    Nov 22, 2008
    Red River Way
    I just don't understand the market for this with everything else that is available much less already field tested to beyond what anything should handle.


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    Jan 19, 2010
    Missouri, Texas Consulate HQ
    Like I said on the comments. Soon we'll see these cheap enough for kids to have on their 22lrs.

    One of my questions is by the time you've marked the spot you want to shoot why not just pull the trigger?


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    Nov 17, 2009
    For $27,000 I could buy a lot of REALLY accurate rifles, ammo and take the time to learn how to shoot them.


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    Feb 15, 2013
    Dallas (Oak Cliff)
    at first, I thought this wasn't that great except for military use....but then I thought....well don't military targets usually move? It's a cool idea, and allows completely new shooters to hit the bull at 1000 yards with minimal training prior to the shot, but the practicality of it escapes me...especially at that price.


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    Nov 7, 2008
    Red Rock. TX
    Compare to cars. There is a market for $500k cars, it is small. But if you use the high dollar product to develop the technology then drive down the price so it can be mass produced, then great. But I am not dropping $500k on a car, not even $100k (unless I win the lottery).

    So, I am not the target market for Tracking Point, but if someone wants to spend the money, have at it. TP's base rifle is from Surgeon, about $5k, and a typical Surgeon customer will buy a premium scope, easily $3k. So you are already out of my price range before adding the electronics, software, iPad, trigger, etc.

    IIRC, this thing does not shoot unless the POI is on the target you marked. Target moves, you squeeze the trigger, it does not shoot until the POA lines up with POI.

    A couple thoughts from when I first heard of this. First, like SC-Texas said, reliability in the field. Second, I thought the buyers would be governments and guides. Interesting to see who is buying these things.


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    Feb 7, 2009
    Houston, TX
    ?It will be interesting to see them in the field



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