Trijicon Sights and my Walther P99

Discussion in 'Handguns' started by streakpi, Jul 13, 2009.

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    May 15, 2009
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    I contacted a local gun store/smith [Webers] 3 weeks ago to order a set of green/yellow Trijicon sights for my Walther P99. The manager told me he would order them and call me when they arrived. I assumed this would be within a week...

    Just got back from a 3-week vacation and called Webers to inquire on status. The manager told me today that Trijicon has to MAKE my sights and they don't know when they will be available. This is 3 weeks after the last call I made to him to order the sites.

    Guys - am I getting the reach around over here? I need simple $99 Trijicon sights for my gun. I want them installed. I would like this all within 2 weeks. WTF. Help. Any advice for a better gunsmith in the Killeen / Central TX area?

    BTW - no disprespect to Webers but this is the third such "customer service" issue I have had with them...and I have been out of state when calling...all I need is there assistance - I will do the rest.

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    Earl's is a little more expensive but, you might check him as he has pretty much anything for any Walther just about:

    Walther P99 Accessories

    If anyone has them in stock, he would.

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