TV Watchers - Is there a show from the 60's - 90's you would want to see "rebooted"?

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  • Sasquatch

    TGT Addict
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    Apr 20, 2020
    Hollywood is bereft of new ideas, so rebooting everything that the older generation made seems to be the norm now. For those who still watch scripted TV (not including the news...) is there a show you'd like to see rebooted, or brought back with the original cast to continue on?

    As much as I fear they'd go all "woke" and screw them up, I think bringing back a show like WKRP, Barney Miller, Married With Children could be interesting. Most of WKRP's cast still kicking, tho "Herb Tarlek" passed earlier this year and Gordon Jump has been dead a long while.

    Barney Miller would need a reboot with an all new cast, I think.

    Married with Children could be brought back with all the original cast, and add some new ones. Maybe Al could find himself out of work as a shoe salesman thanks to the 'rona and he could embark on a dream of being a high school football coach and slap sense into a generation of Zoomers :laughing:

    Just a random late night thought.


    Gentleman Farmer! (Retired!)
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    Dec 15, 2019
    Lost in East Texas
    Gilligan's Island!

    They did Magnum PI. I was not impressed.

    Problem with doing a reboot of an older program, is if the older program had a loyal following, and was successful, those are hard shoes to fill with new people playing the old characters.


    Omnipotent Potentate for hire.
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    Oct 4, 2013
    Gunz are icky.

    12 O’clock High
    Hollyweird would have rainbow flags painted on the side of B-17’s with women piloting the aircraft dropping bombs on vacant fields so nobody got hurt.

    LoL. Can’t have “gun” anywhere. They’d call it Dopesmoke. Stoners vs. Cowboys.
    Cowboys are bad because they’re mean to cows.

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