TX: Fight over open carry gun policy in Texas

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    TX: Fight over open carry gun policy in Texas
    Fight over open carry gun policy in Texas

    10:39 PM CDT on Thursday, July 24, 2008

    KVUE News

    Imagine walking down the street and next to someone with a gun strapped to their hip. It's an image a group of Texans are hoping to turn into reality and they're gaining support by the thousands every day.

    “This is a basic right,” said former state Legislator, Suzanna Hupp.

    In Texas you can fire a gun, you can buy a gun, and you can walk around with a gun, but only if you have a concealed carry permit and the gun is out of sight.

    “I feel safer. My home should it be breached, I can take care of it. Should somebody try to take my car, they'll be taken care of too. That's the way it should be,” said gun owner Charles Minter.

    However, that’s not how it always works.

    “Criminals by their very definition ignore the laws,” said Hupp.

    In 1991 a gunman drove his truck into a Luby's restaurant in Killeen, TX. He got out and opened fire.

    “That was before we were allowed to carry in the state of Texas,” said Hupp.

    Hupp was there with her parents.

    “He killed 23 people, including my parents. So I've been fairly angry since that time,” said Hupp.

    In 1991 Texas didn't allow people to carry a gun.

    “The only thing the regulations did was prevent people like me from being able to protect myself and my family. That's the only thing gun laws and gun control do. They prevent good people from protecting themselves and their families,” said Hupp.

    Hupp helped pass the current concealed carry law in the mid 90's.

    “It wasn't blood and chaos in the streets when we enacted the concealed carry,” said Hupp.

    Now she wants more.

    “We should allow people to carry. That means in their pocket, in their purse, on their forehead, on their hip. I don't care how they carry. If they can legally own a gun I think they should be able to carry it in public,” said Hupp.

    She's not alone. An open carry petition online is gaining popularity by the thousands every day. More than 21,000 people have already signed the petition online.

    “I couldn't have foreseen all the support that I've gained,” said petition creator, Ian McCarthy.

    McCarthy posted the online petition in October last year.

    “In Texas we're proud of all of our rights especially when it comes to gun rights,” said McCarthy.

    McCarthy's petition will likely go to state lawmakers in the next session along with a proposal to enact an open carry policy in Texas.

    “We're hoping for unlicensed, open carry,” said McCarthy.

    The group is asking for a open carry law like what's already seen in at least ten states in the U.S. Those ten states allow open carry without a license. Another 12 states allow open carry but with a license.

    Texas is just one of six states on record that completely bans open carry. However, to some the idea of seeing people with guns, doesn't sit well. Even some gun owners are worried an open carry policy could lead to more crime.

    “It might just turn into the wild, wild west,” said Minter.

    Those Wild West images where it seemed like everyone had a gun.

    Guns in Texas though are pretty much kept to the range.

    “I come here to shoot. I don't carry around on the street,” said gun owner, Steven Cui.

    Cui is one of many gun owners that think owning a firearm is a privilege, not a right.

    “If it's open then everybody's going to be walking around with a gun now. I think it's only for the cops and people that are licensed,” said gun owner, Kyle Ramirez.

    Others worry open carry will get out of hand.

    “You don't want to use a gun just because somebody called you or your mother a bad name. You only want to use a gun when you're in fear for your life,” said gun owner, and owner of the Astro Shooting Range in Florence, TX, L.E. Williams.

    “People don't know what they're doing,” added firearms trainer Mike Nellis.

    Nellis is a former state officer and now is a firearms trainer for the Texas Department of Public Safety. He supports gun rights; he even had a gun strapped to his belt the entire time we talked, but you couldn't tell by looking at him that he was armed. Nellis says that's the advantage of concealed carry.

    “I think if it's going to require having a license and have requirements and there's no difference between that and a concealed carry law you might as well go to a concealed carry license,” said Nellis.

    However, for Hupp and the thousands of others who have signed the online open carry petition, the issue boils down to one thing: our Bill of Rights.

    “I believe that they will pass it. This time around I think that it will pass,” said Hupp.

    State lawmakers are not yet saying how they will vote on the issue.

  2. Code3GT

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    Jun 12, 2008
    there are some really stupid/uneducated remarks made in that article :mad:
  3. Cyfer

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    May 29, 2008
    I agree... Really ignorant, Mr. Steven Cui

    I'm kind of in the middle about this. I signed the petition, but I don't believe "anyone" who is legally able to carry should without a license. People still need a license to at least be educated in the laws, rules, and repercussions of their actions. I wouldn't mind taking another class on top of the already concealed license to open carry, but I wouldn't want just anyone carrying out in the open. I also think we need stricter tests, especially the shooting test. I'm sorry, but an 8yr old can pass that shooting test. We need responsible, mature, knowledgable owners carrying, not someone who doesn't have a criminal background and can pass a shooting test only to grow bigger balls because they can carry.
  4. SIG_Fiend

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    Feb 21, 2008
    Austin, TX
    Personally, I'm for it. I, myself, would most likely never open carry as I'd prefer to be more discreet. However, just because I most likely would not open carry, who am I to say that someone else shouldn't if they so choose?

    To anyone that actually agrees with licensing, you might do well to read this web page:


    We need gun carry laws like Vermont (read that as NONE). Actually allowing the government to license what is a RIGHT and NOT a privilege, is bad in every way, shape or form. I'll put up with the current Texas CHL process, though I still don't like the fact that I have to "apply" to exercise what is my natural human right.

    In addition, people would do well not to worry about everyone else and focus on themselves instead. People have a great number of misconceptions when it comes to laws, regulations, etc. What many people fail to realize is laws and regulations are purely AFTER THE FACT. They are there as a legal basis for prosecuting what someone has done, they don't prevent criminals or idiots from doing those things in the first place. They have no power in and of themselves to stop criminals and idiots from doing the things they do. Stop worrying about what criminals and idiots do, and focus on what YOU will do. Sure, if we were to go to complete unlicensed carry like Vermont for example, you can almost count on the idiots of society doing some stupid things with that new found freedom (at least for a short period of time after the law change). Well guess what, the rules of Darwinism will take over in that circumstance and they will be responsible for their own fate. Should they be unsafe with their firearm, cause an ND in public out of pure idiocy, etc etc then they will likely be suffering legal consequences and/or jail. Does anyone actually believe some words on a piece of paper would really prevent some idiot from being unsafe with their firearm? We need to stop catering our laws to the idiots in this country. Let them seal their own fate.
  5. Shorts

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    Mar 28, 2008
    The rub about requiring licenses is that it is still a tax that must be paid and its still a registration of sorts that still must be maintained. One should not have to pay in order to utilize/receive/express rights.

    I would like everyone who's carrying be able to adequately and safely carry and use their firearm. But I don't see a way to actually enforce that. Frankly, if it was all my way everyone would be born knowing what a gun is and how it works...part of growing up like learning how to walk. Isn't that the way it should be??? After all, this is Texas :p

    I still like the idea of optional training classes. Its good to be able to go take extra on a weekend. Kinda like motorcycle training, it's good to brush up on those every year or so in a pro riders course to stay proficient. At the very least, go and practice skills and drills on your own through out the season - properly of course or it does no good.
  6. Texas1911

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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    What do you think is going to happen when a rash of people shoot themselves, or someone else, or have NDs in a public place?

    The licensing is protecting our rights more than you think. It makes people invest in their right, and it makes them aware of common gun laws, and gun operation. Stupid people NEED this.

    If anything this should be even more apparent in today's knee-jerk society.

    Me personally, I'd rather not be around armed people that have a questionable understanding of firearms.

    If anything, we should be focusing on mandating the state to only keep a record of valid CHL license #s rather than names, addresses, and all that crap they don't need.
  7. juwaba98

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    May 9, 2008
    North Zulch, TX
    Where does this line between a right and a privelage become unblurred? Any form of licensing indicates a privelage. Do we have the right to keep and bear arms or not? If we cannot even form a cohesive understanding of the difference between a right and a privelage how are we supposed to overcome anti-gun groups and their legislation. They have formed a clear opinion for their side of the argument. No guns period. Our side of the argument is clearly divided even among self proclaimed RKBA advocates. All I can say is that we are in trouble if the best we can come up with is a wishy-washy stance on what the 2nd amendment means. Yes that is what this is about. If you take the literal meaning of it there is no requirement for regulation. If you would choose to require licensing you might as well join the anti-gun crowd. Any form of regulation falls into the "infringement" the 2nd Amendment clearly prohibits. We must remember that while the prospect of every Tom, Dick and Harry running around with a gun on his hip is scary, it IS his RIGHT to be an idiot and shoot himself in the foot as much as it is mine to defend myself. After all at some point we do need to take steps toward letting natural selection regain it's ability to help control our population.

    My sentiments here are in no way directed towards any one individual. These thoughts are written in the hopes of helping some people to decide where they stand. We are at a point in society where we must "shit or get off the pot." The anti's are solidified in there stance and we must solidify ours if we are to have a chance.

    Sorry for the length, flame away if you feel so compelled.
  8. Texas1911

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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    What I want is no regulation. The problem is, there will always be regulation until you start shooting people. Our voice isn't as loud as the anti-gun group. They have the benefit in nearly every argument to the mindless, neanderthals that somehow remember to breathe every 2 seconds.

    If I posted my true beliefs I'd have the Government kicking down my door.
  9. Shiner Bock

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    Apr 30, 2008
    So is Vermont plagued by those maladies? It really sounds like the same rhetoric that was given when current the Texas CHL law was under consideration. Somehow though, every other fender bender didn't turn into a shootout and the streets didn't run red with blood.
  10. Texas1911

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    May 29, 2017
    Austin, TX
    Certainly it's just around the corner! ;)


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