TX: Fort Bend Homeowner Shoots, Kills Armed Man Angry Over Being Refused Entry To Par

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Mar 18, 2008

Fort Bend Homeowner Shoots, Kills Armed Man Angry Over Being Refused Entry To Party

February 23rd, 2009 | by Bob Dunn | Published in News | 2 Comments
A homeowner in the Providence neighborhood shot and killed an armed man who may have been seeking retribution after being kicked out of a party on Saturday night.
The name of the dead man hasn’t yet been released, “pending forensic confirmation,” the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement issued Monday morning.
However, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the case said the dead man is believed to be “a pretty high-ranking member of a gang,” whom the homeowner appears to have shot while “defending his property and his family.”
According to the sheriff’s office statement, deputies responded to a disturbance and possible shooting incident at 10:48 p.m. Saturday at a home in the 8700 block of Warrenford Drive, between Bellaire Boulevard and Bissonnet St. west of State Highway 6.
“Upon arrival, Fort Bend County deputies found an unidentified male lying in the street, the victim of an apparent fatal gunshot wound.”
The sheriff’s office didn’t name the homeowner or reveal details of the shooting incident.
But the law enfocement source familiar with the investigation said the dead man and one or more companions had approached the homeowner’s house and tried to enter, because one of his children was having a party there.
But the dead man and his companions were told to leave, and initially did so, the law enforcement source said. But then they came back.
“One of them approached the man” who owned the house “and threatened him.”
Both the homeowner and the alleged gang member were armed with handguns, the source said. At least one shot was fired, and the man who tried to crash the party was killed.
“Due to the circumstances surrounding this incident, this case will be referred directly to the grand jury,” the sheriff’s office statement said.

Fort Bend Homeowner Shoots, Kills Armed Man Angry Over Being Refused Entry To Party | FortBendNow.com


Jan 27, 2009
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Although many details are sketchy or missing it appears to be what we might call a "Good Shoot". Thats my vote until I hear different. A man's house is his castle- Castle Doctrine............



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