TX Tactical Carbine Match 11-2, San Antonio

Big Phil

Feb 20, 2013
Match is Saturday 2 November at Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge Range,
7110 F.M. 1863
Bulverde, Texas 78163

Set up at 0800

Sign up at 0900

Start shooting at 1000ish.

What Equipment Do I Need to Participate?

1. A Centerfire Rifle, preferably with a sling or carry strap. (Any centerfire rifle that you might use to defend yourself or your family can be used)

2. At least 2 Magazines.
3. Approximately 100 rounds of rifle ammunition. 50 of pistol. More if you want.
4. A handgun and holster (for transitions or to finish a course of fire if your rifle malfunctions)5. Eye and Ear Protection
6. $25 Match Fee

I'm planning on going if anyone wants to carpool.


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Jan 28, 2009
Outside San Antonio
Okay, I'm definitely going. This will be my first time shooting in any kind of match. Looking forward to it!

Is there an additional range fee, or is that included in the match fee?

Big Phil

Feb 20, 2013
Nope just the $25.

They are very welcoming to new shooters, it is why I keep going back. Most of the new folks run in the same group too. There are a few guys who are really great shooters but most everyone is just trying to become more practically proficient.

You will go through each stage before hand and you can ask questions, it's a really fun environment.

We can all run in the same group if y'all want to. We will just need to sign up on the same squad.
If you want to find me look for the bearded guy wearing a black shirt with an AR that says "gunslinger".

Now that I think of it that would've made a way cooler forum ID. Oh well, see you tomorrow if the weather will cooperate.
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