Tx Tactical Carbine match 12-7 San Antonio

Big Phil

Feb 20, 2013
It's on again this Saturday at Cedar Ridge
weather permitting.

Cedar Ridge Range,
7110 F.M. 1863
Bulverde, Texas 78163

Set up at 0800

Sign up at 0900

Start shooting at 1000ish.

What Equipment Do I Need to Participate?

1. A Centerfire Rifle, preferably with a sling or carry strap. (Any centerfire rifle that you might use to defend yourself or your family can be used)

2. At least 2 Magazines.
3. Approximately 100 rounds of rifle ammunition. 50 of pistol. More if you want.
4. A handgun and holster (for transitions or to finish a course of fire if your rifle malfunctions)5. Eye and Ear Protection
5. $25 Match Fee

We had a fun time at the last one, I'm planning on going if anyone wants to carpool.

Don't forget your sling like I did last time!

M. Sage

TGT Addict
Jan 21, 2009
San Antonio
These are fun matches, I've been to a few. Keep in mind their course of fire can run toward the complex side (at least, it did in the matches I went to) so pay close attention. A sling for the rifle (single point or "tactical" two point that allows for you to hang the rifle in front) is a good idea for those transitions if you bring a pistol. In my experience, only one stage will run a transition... usually.

I'd be down for it, but I have to go to Houston this weekend. Texas Tactical matches are fun and the folks who run them are pretty laid back and easy to get along with. They're still very strict on safety rules of course, but as long as you shoot safely, it's all about everybody having a good time.

Big Phil

Feb 20, 2013
It's still on, it'll just be COLD!

Well cold for us.
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