Underage Drinking Party Busted

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    Feb 17, 2009

    CORPUS CHRISTI - Police investigating a complaint of minors drinking in the Flour Bluff area almost had to deal with a riot.
    When police got to the home on the 900 block of Red Poll, they quickly arrested 20-year-old Alex Godsey for being a minor in possession of alcohol. Police said he tried to incite a crowd of nearly 30 minors and started to resist.
    Godsey ended up being tasered.
    While that was happening, Godsey's girlfriend, Elizabeth Wood, 19, tried to interfere with the arrest and was also arrested. Lisette Linares, 18, who lives at the home, was arrested for furnishing alcohol to minors after she admitted throwing the party.
    28 other minors at the scene were cited by police and released to their parents.

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    Having swilled beer a bit as a teenager and making minors pour theirs out on the ground but not arresting them as a LEO, I am unqualified to comment on the drinking party by minors other than when a Leo is confronted by them & questioning their authority , the slammer is the right decision.....
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    A night or two in jail, never hurt a 20 year old.

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