Undesirable juror. How do I make myself into such?


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Jan 6, 2021
3 out 5 I got picked, not fun, usually boring. But free lunch, I remember one guy kept saying tell me how to vote so we can go home. Last summons I was turning 70 the week after summons. In Harris County 70 is the number to get excused. I went online and checked 70 was excused.

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Jun 10, 2015
Odessa, Tx
Funny this thread has come back, I got a jury summons for federal court starting January 3rd. I have to start calling on Fridays for a couple months in 2022 to find out if I need to appear.


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Jan 31, 2019
Abilene, TX
While I was still in the Army and lived in DC I got notice for jury duty. I was excused due to being on active duty. On my way to sign the form, I ended up talking withe head of maintenance in the building where I lived about jury duty. He said, that in DC, they do not like jurors who are ex-military, with any college, or LEO family members. He said as soon as I get the next notice, call them and tell them I was all three. Usually, they would take you off the list over the phone. After I got out, I stayed in DC for another 18 months and got a jury notice. I called them and they took me off the list for that summons.


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Aug 12, 2020
I own my own business, when I'm not working no money is being made. I have gone every single time I've been called for jury duty and it costs me, a lot. But this is something I feel is important and if I was sitting there with my defense counsel, I'd want someone like me in that jury box.

I usually have spent less than half a day when called in person, sometimes it was a call in and I never actually went in, twice I ended up in the box, kicked off during voir dire once and ended up as foreman once.

My voir dire kickoff came as defense kept saying innocent until proven guilty over and over. I rolled my eyes and he immediately called my name and asked if there was a problem. I said yeah this isn't fifth grade and I think we all understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty and the more you say it the guiltier your client sounds.
Move to dismiss juror 8 your honor.... :) Hasta la vista baby

Now me being foreman has a good story. Number one fact, I am easily bored and often will do crazy things solely to amuse myself, no one else will get the joke but I'm laughing on the inside and that's all that counts to me. So here ya go lads...

Made it on the jury, sat through one and a half days before we were sent to deliberate. We all filed in to the jury room and as luck would have it I sat at the end of the long table and I asked so what do we do now select a foreman? Every eye turned to me and someone said well how about you? Alright I'm okay with that but I'll need a secretary, lady on my right jumped right in and said I can do that! (Perfect.... says my evil mind.)

Being as it was about 11:00 I asked if anyone was hungry and said maybe we should order some pizza! (I'm the foreman right?) My secretary took down all the details on pizza and drinks and I asked her to go ring that buzzer and relay our order to the deputy. At this point, when she hit that buzzer, we had been in the jury room about 5-7 minutes. The defendant and the various lawyers and spectators were probably still milling about the courtroom and upon hearing the buzzer were most likely thinking WTF?!?!

The door pops open and a very surprised Deputy asked do you have a question? My secretary says no but we'd like to order some lunch and I have a list of what we want....

I immediately stand and take the heat off my poor secretary. Sorry sir, entirely my fault! As the foreman (right?) I thought I had to take care of the lunch details, sorry sir, so sorry, all my fault really. I apologized so much that for a minute I thought I was a Canadian.

Well all said and done we found the man not guilty. In the aftermath his lawyer came to me and said nice job sir but you scared the crap out of us there for a minute! I overheard the defendant telling someone that the DA had tried to get him to take a plea but that his Pastor said if you are not guilty God will send the right people to set you free...
Think about that for a minute. Seriously... think.

I turned five people on that jury to a not guilty verdict. Some said well he's a Messican and probably guilty, some said I just didn't like him. The facts said he was NOT GUILTY
God sent the right people and it looks like it was sarcastic evil old me.

I saw the defendant at a bus stop outside the court and stopped and asked if he needed a ride. He lived an hour and half way. We had a great talk on the drive about God and how He works.


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Mar 5, 2008
Absolutely. BUT you have to use that exact term (and be loud enough to be heard the first time). You'll get by with just a warning (the first time) and, of course, be immediately dismissed - likely by the judge himself.

Lets say it all together, kids:
I was dismissed without even using the term.

Prosecutor asked if "I show defendant committed crime, would you convict?" Around the room everyone said yes but me. I was first person dismissed.
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