Unknown Cartridge. Help me out.

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  1. Well I stopped in my local gun store and was browsing and found a bag marked "Unknown Cal". The owner aid that he got them from a widow who was getting rid of all her late husbands gun stuff and they weren't marked. They are reloads, with 6.5mm soft point bullets. They looked like 260 Remington to me and are formed off of Mil-Surp 7.62 NATO brass so I bought them($6.00). Well I got home and broke out my caliper and I am pretty sure they arent 260 Remington. I have compared the dimensions to every common 6.5 caliber i could think of and it didnt match any of them. Here are the specs.

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    So it has a NATO stamp on the head? It's 7.62 marked?
  3. Texas1911

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    I think it is .260 Remington, but the sizing die they were using was adjusted too far. It shoved the shoulder down and elongated the neck. They probably trimmed the case to their particular gun so the overall length and case length are more than likely cut to their chamber.

    I would pull the bullets and reload the case. The case should fire-form to your chamber, they could have left the overall length long as means to fire-form the brass, that way the neck didn't pull in too far.
  4. That was my thoughts too but 0.050" to far?? Thats excessive. I dont think thats possible if he was using the correct die. It is Head stamped LC 68.
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    That's a pretty big difference to be a mistake, particularly if the guy was wildcatting. Much more likely some varient of the 6.5/08, the parent of the .260 Remington.
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