USCCA Ft. Worth Expo -AAR


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Sep 24, 2021
Cedar Park, Tx
Just got back from a few days up in Fort Worth at the Expo. I have to say, it was world class. Great class content and presenters - mostly included in membership or expo fee for non-members. The show floor was very much worth the trip on it's own. Indoor Live Fire semi truck range with free demo and two mags of ammo for free. Lots of industry celebs (Colion Nior, Lena Mickulak, Johnny B, Scott from Kentucky Ballistics, Jared from Guns and Gear, Brandon Hererra/AK-Guy). Stacatto, Daniel Defense, H&K, Shadow Systems, Glock, Barretta, Benelli, Canik, uh, well, HighPoint, Walther, CoolFire, SilencerCentral, Mantis, CrossBreed, DeSantis, CompTac, SIRT, Viktos, bunch of target, training and other related gear demos set up - many selling gear for show discounts. Free for USCCA members and like $35 for non-members. USCCA announced that they have a 5 year deal with the Fort Worth convention center so will be back next year. Highly recommended if you are able to make the time next year. Some solid classes on active shooter response, weapon retention, shoot/no-shoot legal issues, and tactical casualty care... Good stuff...
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