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  • TxEMTP69

    TGT Addict
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    Feb 17, 2009
    ok this is from May but good lord this is crap

    DALLAS - Frank Larison is a disabled veteran with more than 14 years of service, including more than a year of combat duty in Vietnam.
    The 58-year-old former Marine now finds himself under attack by his Dallas homeowners association for displaying seven decals on his vehicle supporting the Marine Corps.
    "To me, it's being patriotic, and it shows that I served," the veteran told FOX 4.
    The board says the decals are advertisements that violate HOA rules, and must be covered or removed.
    Otherwise, the homeowners association for The Woodlands II on The Creek --- where Larimore has lived for eight years --- says in a letter it will tow the car at Larimore's expense. The board also threatens to fine him $50 for any future incident.
    Larimore says the decals, ranging from the Marine emblem to Semper Fi slogans, aren't advertisements for anything. "You can't buy freedom," he reasoned.
    Some neighbors are outraged.
    "That is his identity," said neighbor Mary Castagna. "He goes to a lot of the veteran meetings, and it means a lot to him. Everyone else agrees with it; it doesn't bother anybody."
    "He's in the Marines, and he's proud of it, and I don't blame him," said neighbor Paul Hardy. "If I'd gone through what he's gone through, I'd be kind of proud of it myself."
    The letter from the board states you can't have any form of advertisement anywhere on your car on your property. FOX 4 cameras spotted bumper stickers for political parties, health causes, and other non-commercial interests on the property as well.
    One board member said he was unaware the HOA presidents sent the letter and did not know of any issue with Larimore's vehicle.
    "I will be looking into it," said board member Art Bradford. "I didn't know anything about this. I haven't seen this."
    The board president was out of town and unavailable. The condo management company did not want to comment.

    Big country

    TGT Addict
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    Mar 6, 2009
    Cedar Park,TX
    The little turd that wrote that letter should be ashamed and in hiding for fear of losing his ability to walk. That man has wrote a blank check for his life and he is proud of this country and the HOA turd wrote a check that I'd be willing to bet his ass can't cash. Or the HOA pres was in the Navy and got pissed off cause his decals aren't as cool. (no offence Navy folks)


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    Jun 4, 2009
    Waxahachie/ San Antonio
    no stab at the air force? i have a bunch of family in the air force and a really good friend of my father's who is still in the army told me to tell em how is serving in the army air corps? i didnt get it at first then, i get it now though.

    no stab at any military group, f.e.i.


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    Mar 16, 2009
    This is the sort of thing you expect in California, not in Texas...sounds like HOA pres. will be DOA if he keeps this crap up. WOuld love to hear an update if/when available.
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