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Jun 23, 2008
Spring, Texas
Not bad, except for the blatant sales pitches at the beginning. He covers much of the stuff we teach in the CHL class and in much the same way.

UPDATE! Forget what I said. Once I got to chapter 7, I noticed he was handling and pointing LOADED guns during the video. At one point, he unloads a .44 Magnum to show you the rounds. A few seconds earlier, he picked up the weapon and pointed it. Even if it was a cut out of sequence, it doesn't look good.

This guy is scary.

When you get deeper into the videos, he's handling live ammo and loaded guns on camera. The camera is zooming in or out from time to time, which suggests that there is a camera operator. Oh, and he's missing his left ring finger tip.


TGT Addict
Jan 28, 2009
Houston, Cy-Fair
I haven't watched it from the beginning in a while, but did watch 6 or 7 from the end the other night. I think the commercials stopped around #4 or #5. This video series shouldn't be the end all in learning. Hopefully newbies, as I was at the time, will seek out more info on guns and gun issues.

Always good to watch for bad gun habits ... wonder what happened to his finger tip, lol.
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