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  • Mikeinhistory

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    Feb 19, 2013
    Austin, TX
    Just ordered one of these yesterday. Czech VZ58 (Century Arms Mod VZ2008) 7.62x39 Rifle I had been looking for an AK style rifle for like 2 years. People seem to like these and as far as I could tell it was a good deal $ wise. Just wondering if anyone else had one of these and what you think about it if you do. General consensus is it's not as "rugged" but more accurate than an AK, which is fine for me. When it gets here I'll post it and let you all know how it turns out. Supposed to get here before the end of next week.


    TGT Addict
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    May 11, 2009
    Leander(NW Austin)
    A while back I wrote a review about them and posted it here. I can't seem to locate it in the archives but basically I bought a CZ branded dtechnik rifle(around $750) as well as century's VZ2008(for $375), both NIB. The CZ rifle has the bayonet lug removed and a silly permanent tip affixed to be 922r compliant. It has a slick black enameled finish and a lighter trigger(5.5lbs vs 10+). It has a chrome lined barrel and runs ball ammo flawlessly. The VZ2008 has a rough parkerized finish and surplus "wood". It has an American made proper length barrel which allows for nice attachments. However the barrel is not chrome lined and runs a tighter chamber.
    When I first received my dtechnik, it choked on hollow point ammo. The rounds would hang up on the 45 degree feed ramp that is built into the receiver just forward of the magwell. After a little handy work I a created some m4 style feedramps that have since allowed it to run HP ammo without a hiccup. This rifle has also cycled and shot well with some reloads I have made using AA2230 and hornady projectiles. On the other hand,the first time I hand cycled the bolt of the VZ2008 I could hear an audible raspy noise when I racked the bolt. Turns out it was not the rough finish or lack of oil but a large burr on the back of the bolt that was raking against the recoil spring. After getting eyes on the issue, I put the dremel into action to clean up the burr. The next issue I found was the heavy trigger. When disassembled, I discovered that the CZ runs a mono-leaf trigger spring and the century runs a mil surp. 2 leaf spring. I decided to bend down one leaf and that took the trigger right down to a predictable 8 lbs.
    Overall both rifles shot as well or better than most AKs I have fired and easily kept pace with the SKS rifles I have shot in the past. There are maybe 3 distinct things that separate them(CZ vs Century)...the finish, the barrels and the different 922 components. A huge plus for the VZ2008 is that it has enough complaint parts(including the 16" American made bbl w/lug) to be modded with flash suppressors or bayonets. It can also legally be shot with mil-surp magazines. The CZ version had 2 of its compliant parts made into the magazine. They also took some cool factor away by removing the bayonet lug and welding the stupid tip onto the original Czech 15 1/4" barrels. However, the Czech barrel seems to run a slightly looser chamber that runs my reloads better and it is much easier to clean. The VZ2008 will only accept my reloads that are run through a small base die.
    I could go on and on about them but more than anything else I consider both of them to be a pleasure to shoot and worth every respective penny. I am still more fond of the CZ, partially because it runs the safety like the original rifle but also because it's a pretty gun. The VZ2008 is indeed a rugged rifle with good accuracy, even if it needs a little TLC, you will not be disappointed.


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    Aug 2, 2010
    Well Buds Guns has it for the same price with free shipping but they dont gaurrantee if the rifle comes with anything since they dont open the boxes which I find completely unacceptable for used/surplus sales. So if you dont want it, youre then charged a restock fee.

    Restock fees are such a ripoff.
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    Jan 24, 2011
    Grid 0409
    It is one rugged reliable 7.62x39 carbine as one would expect of Czech manufacture.

    Superficially, it is related to the AK, but is an animal all unto itself.

    No common parts with the AK (as the Czechs only adopted the Soviet cartridge), everything else is pure Czech, like their great Pilsners.

    The action is slick as bald tires on ice, and it only takes Czech aluminum magazines.

    The Czechs outwitted their oppressors knowing that the USSR would eventually fail.

    It is still used in limited quantities today by their army.
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