Wal Mart


Dec 2, 2008
Katy, TX
I damn near passed out. I was at walmart in Katy around 2230 and they were restocking. I picked up some 40. They had cases and cases of 9mm. I needed some 45, but did not stick around to see if any came off the truck. I was so excited I forgot to call freinds and let them know. it was all gone by the next day. I feel bad!!:banghead:

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Mar 6, 2009
Cedar Park,TX
I went to the one in ceadar Park and they didn't have a thing I went back in the next day and they had 3 boxes of 30-06 150 gr, 2 boxes of 30-06 165gr and 4 boxes of .40 blazer brass I bought 1 box 06 150gr and 1 box 40's


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Mar 22, 2009
I went to the walmart here in mckinney and they had federal bulk pack of 22 which I had never seen in stock. So I tell the guy there I want a box. He knew me cuz I'm in there a lot looking for ammo. He said, you don't want any 9mm? I didn't even bother looking down there cuz I wasn't used to it being in stock. I said HELL YEAH and took 2 boxes.

They finally put a 2 box limit on stuff and he said thats the only reason he had any.
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