Warrior's Weekend - Port O'Connor, Texas


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Dec 12, 2008
While driving in to Port O’Connor Thursday evening to meet up with some buddies for a weekend of fishing, I pass the Port O’Connor Community Center and notice a huge tent, a field with hundreds of small American Flags. As I continue in to Port O, I see American Flags flying at many businesses, bars, restaurants, houses.

Port O’Connor was getting ready for Warrior’s Weekend. This is an event where the community honors disabled veterans with a day of bay fishing, barbeque, music and entertainment. The local guides and anglers donate their time, boats and bait for these heroes who arrived from Brooke Army Medical Center as well as other military installations. After a day of fishing, they attend a barbeque, live music, and a heartfelt thank you from the fine working folks of Port O’Connor.

Watching over a hundred boats take off up the Intercoastal Canal , flying American Flags and carrying these heroes and their families out to Bird Island, East Matagorda Bay, the jetties and the many other areas to fish for specs, reds and whatever else pulls on their lines, was fantastic sight. It surprised me how thrilled and moved I was by this little fishing community’s genuine expression of thanks and gratitude for these injured warriors.

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