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SOLD [Waxahachie] WTS: Mossberg MMR AR15 - $500

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  • zippyskippy

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    May 14, 2021
    Hello all. I am tired of looking at this rifle sitting in the closet that simply does not get fired anymore. I think I have only kept it around for sentimental value more than usefulness. It was my daughters when we used to go shooting together. Since joining the Army, Uncle Sam has issued her a new rifle haha.

    It is a first generation Mossberg MMR in 5.56mm. If I had to provide a round count I would put it between 1000 and 1200 total. It was lovingly treated, never drug through the woods, tossed around and cleaned after every shooting session. Did have a chance to put a box through it a couple months ago and it still worked flawlessly after being put away for the better part of a year.

    No real modifications done to the rifle. Rail covers were added since the forearm on these first gens was pretty aggressive and the requisite MBUS sites added. I am including a Vortex SPARC II red dot optic (that will need a new battery), 2 X Tapco 30rd magazines and a couple 20rd boxes of 223 I had laying around.

    Total Price - $500

    Will require a look at your DL to confirm age. Thanks.


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