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  • Tarosean

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    Nov 5, 2016
    It's interesting almost everyone says they don't keep safe queens. Yet when they are placed for sale, a high percentage of guns are 'new, unfired' condition.

    I buy a lot of guns just to try. If I don't like something about it it's gone after one or two range sessions. If it even makes it that far. So I have and will continue making similar ads.

    Does not have anything to do with the xxxx number of keepers. Safe real estate is a premium. Don't put up with mediocre wasting space.


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    Apr 11, 2010
    I don't have anything I havent fired except an old jap arisaka gifted to me. Problem is I can't find ammo and havent been able to find components to make said ammo.

    I will admit that I have a couple guns I just don't shoot, like my first single shot 20ga or my 22. I've got a couple that just sit around due to ammo costs these days as well.

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    Glenn B

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    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana Area
    I have a few guns that I have not fired. Some I bought "new" (one that comes to mind is a current Glock 19 I own - it is brand new, never been fired except maybe a test fire by Glock). I also have a Marlin Papoose, sold to me "as new", probably has been fired but very little. I have not fired it yet and have had it for a few months already. I may never fire it if I decide to keep it for a trade or sale. There is also an HK VP9 SK in my collection that I likely will never fire; it has been fired but shows virtually no wear so believe my son when he told me it has less than 250 rounds through it. I could sell that one as new if I chose to be dishonest but why would I risk ruining my reputation when I can sell it as "like new" for about the same price.There are probably one or two others I own that I have not fired.

    I've bought quite a few guns at auctions. The auction company listed some of them them as: "as new" meaning like new fired or not but preowned and showing a bit of wear" or as "unfired in the box" meaning brand new. Those are definitions used by that particular auction house where I bid. One of those, I cannot recall which make or model (probably an H&R or Iver Johnson or maybe a Ruger) but I had an old revolver in 22 LR without a cylinder ring, sold to me as "unfired in the box". Someone I know, who shall remain nameless, picked it up and started to dry fire it (checked it was unloaded first) and put a light cylinder ring on it after only one complete turn. I wanted to kill him.

    As far as round counts go, it always makes me chuckle (at least internally) when someone asks me the round count when interested in buying a gun. While some may actually count rounds and keep a record, I think most folks selling a gun probably have no clue, others are going to out and out lie to try to sell it, and some will tell the truth if they know it. In most instances it does not matter to me. Sure, if someone put 10K or even 5K rounds through it, it would matter and be nice to know but how many folks can count that high or add up all the times it was shot to get to such a number or would actually tell you the count is that high:rolleyes:. I'll post the approximate count in a for sale ad if I know it (usually only on newer guns like two Glock 19 GEN5 pistols I bought and sold within the last year, both had been shot very little) and will do it without someone asking but only because I know some folks just have to know.
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