What can we, as gun owners, advocate for to decrease gun violence in the Us


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Jul 23, 2011
Little Elm
So you think the sins of the fathers pass on to the sons. When can black lives matter expect your reparations check?
Bend over, kamala sends hers first since she's only a couple generations away from her plantation and slave owning family past.


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Aug 7, 2020
More laws aren’t the answer. There’s already over 20k gun related laws on the books.

Education is the best way.

I’m not convinced that “gun violence” is any worse now that any other time in history. We just have better (debatable) and faster access to nationwide news.

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Especially the one-sided national news and its always shocked me that every time gun laws are being brought up a mass shooter situation seems to appear out of thin air and they try to convince the sheep it was the guns fault. Not so sure these aren’t 100% staged.

As an example of creating diversions the audit outfomes are set to start coming out around 20th August. . Get ready to hear zero about it unless you look it up yourself. Mike Lindell is dropping something Aug 10-12 and it was apparently compelling ebough Faux News refused to air it. Sounds like we are.ripe tor ATF to try to tell us braced pistol owners to pay 200.00 for a tax stamp to piss us off and divert our attention from audit results. Smh
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Jun 10, 2015
Odessa, Tx
Huh? How is locking up criminals and throwing away the key “gun control”? I guess it is if you consider taking away guns from criminals, but isn’t that kinda the whole point? Don’t believe I mentioned any restrictions on law abiding citizens?
That was in the context of making laws based on the weapon used.


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Dec 15, 2019
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.

Gun control laws are the true measure of insanity. They either won't, or can't enforce the ones they already have, so their answer is to pass more gun control laws.

So a person could arrive at the conclusion that legislators are insane and have totally lost their ever loving minds, when they propose a new, or more gun control laws.

Or, that gun control laws have nothing to do with public safety or deterring criminals from having guns, but about controlling the law abiding mass populace.

Ask yourself this question. When a gun control law is passed, who exactly benefits? It sure isn't the law abiding gun owner by any stretch of the imagination.

Another question. IF guns in the hands of law abiding citizens are eliminated or reduced, who benefits?


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Dec 15, 2019
I dont know an easy way so i will just say it. They need to focus on who is committing the crimes instead of worrying about soft on crime policies in the name of racial justice. Until we do we will have this problem.
Many of us have known that for decades. Gun control is about control of people that own guns. It has never been about crime or criminals.

Those who would attempt to disarm you for gun control, have not in the least, the desire to focus on those committing the crimes with guns.

If you believed this was about deterring criminals or reducing crime. then you swallowed their bait, hook line and sinker. That nonsense about crime by those that would want to disarm us, was used simply to pacify the masses, and lend a sense of false security to hide their real reasons. Hitler did as well to the Jews in Germany. That worked out real good for 6 to 10 million Jews and undesirables.

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