What did you do today in the world of reloading?


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Sep 5, 2019
Sig 10 mm ammo is pretty hot too, and much cheaper than either of those.

XTP’s are my favorite projectiles for all the pistol rounds I reload. They also work really well out of my 357 and 44 mag lever actions.

Forgot about Sig. Cheaper AND easier to find than Underwood and Buffalo Bore. XTP’s are definitely my #1 choice for pistol projectiles. 90% of my 10mm and 44 mag loads use them, so luckily I have quite a few boxes stashed away! I actually found a couple boxes of their 147 grain 9mm bullets a couple weeks ago. I hadn’t seen them on the shelf in over a year, so I grabbed them. Never really wanted to use hand loaded ammo in my EDC, but the critical defense (which uses the XTP’s) I carry is hard to find, and I only have a few more boxes left.

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Apr 11, 2010
I loaded my 38 spec starting rounds; now I need to get to the range.
Tested mine Sunday. Now to load. What are you loading? I'm loading 125gr acme.

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Nov 27, 2009
cypress, tx
Not me actually doing it but my actions are showing it.

I have 10 rounds loaded for testing but I want to make the 25 minute trip to the range worth it but it don’t want to just blast ammo either with no replacement primers in sight.

I guess I’ll just continue cleaning up the pile of 45acp brass I’ve shot since 1989!
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