What gun stuff did you buy today?

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  • Sasquatch

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    Apr 20, 2020
    Ordered a Safariland 6360 for my Beretta. Coming from Guam - here's hoping the seller is motivated and not opering on Island Time. I've been told that priority mail typically still takes 10 days to make it to CONUS.


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    Nov 26, 2017
    Contacted Eotech asking if they offered a replacement button pad for sale as I had torn mine when I did the camo on it last month. They replied the very next day and sent me a new one for free, now that's customer service! A big thanks to Eotech from me.


    Rescued this old 105mm artillery shell box while I was on vacation last month, it was on the burn pile at my sister's place. It was in really bad shape, lots of warping from being exposed to rain and moisture plus various chips and cracks.

    I forgot to take before photos, trust me it was bad. I removed the rotten parts and used them to fill in various gouges and cracks. Lots of wood glue in this crate. It took 80 grit in a sander just to get it clean enough to work with.

    Made up a quick and dirty divider from scrap wood so I can store items separately.

    Spray painted the original hardware in oil rubbed bronze and stained and clear coated it. Added some cheap Amazon corner protectors and a prop rod. I think it turned out pretty good, it has the vintage reclaimed wood look to it.

    Made new rope carry handles too, the original ones were rotted.


    Thinking I'll use it for storing magazines as I usually have to tear the house down every so often to figure out where I left various pistol mags, lol.


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    May 9, 2022
    I bought a whole mess of pistol hooks and racks from orchelains in Weatherford. They were on a smoking sale, I left several sets there in 22 cal and 45 cal. These hooks are the coated S shaped hooks for storing your pistols hanging on the bottom of a shelf. I use them in my safes and got enough for Christmas presents for my friends this year!


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    Jul 23, 2011
    Little Elm
    223/556 cleaning rod.

    My other one got all buggerd up and I didnt want to stick it back down the throat of anything for fear of damage.

    Theres OOC thread material for some one. Lol
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