What gun stuff did you buy today?

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  • Charley

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    Aug 7, 2008
    San Antonio
    Picked up a new Taurus 605 this morning. Decent price, $329.00. Not interested in carrying it, or even shooting it much. Have had several requests for holster for them, and no forms available that I can find. Probably will pay for itself with 6-8 months.


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    Nov 26, 2017
    After searching fruitlessly for well over a year to find a barrel for my wall hanger Pre-64 Winchester 1894, I finally found one. Got it from a guy right here in Texas, it's a NOS Winchester replacement parts 30-30 octagon made in 1966, complete with handguard and fore-end. Top eject to boot, just need to make sure it will headspace and all should be good.

    Other than some light surface corrosion from hand prints over the years it's mint. This actually works in my favor as I plan to weather the barrel and magazine tube to match the originals. The bore is in mint condition.

    This engraving will be removed as it's very shallow and I plan to have the markings from the original barrel laser engraved on this one.

    Also picked up an original Pre-64 semi buckhorn rear sight.

    For the front sight I got a Skinner solid brass sight made oversize so I can hand fit it and I can also adjust the height by filing it down as needed. This will make for a better sight picture, I can still get an old Marbles front sight If I decide to go back to original.

    Basically I'll end up with an 1894 20" octagon barreled rifle with long fore-end, they made these in several different lengths in this configuration.

    Thought I would own up to something here too. I bought this wall hanger thinking I could easily re-barrel it and have have a vintage Winchester for cheap. Didn't turn out that way, In the end I should have paid the premium for a shooter, I'm nearly at that cost now. Live and learn.


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    May 9, 2013
    The Big Country

    Next gun:

    View attachment 357964

    Looking @ the Henry case-hardened .38Spl/.357 carbine in the shorter 16” bbl model.

    Uses would be protection, JEEP gun, plinking, +/- hog hunting.

    Does anyone here have experience with one ?

    I have one. It’s reliable and fun to shoot, but it’s a heavy beast. It’s far heavier than a Marlin or Winchester.


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    Jul 19, 2013
    Got my AR mag loader in the mail today. Decided it was time to give these arthritic hands a break.
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