What have you done to your vehicle lately?


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Jun 8, 2009
San Antonio

Out with the old and on with the new. Ride height and dampening adjustable. Bought a 6 speed manual as well last week. Gonna swap out the automatic, rearend, and install hybrid turbos all at once. Probably take a month or two to get all the parts together.


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Sep 24, 2011
My damn Honda Grom project took a couple turns for the worse. I posted a bit back about a trick head, high compression piston and some other supporting parts.

It started to turn sideways when my boy (8yrs) tightened one of the pot metal timing case plugs and broke ot off flush. Then I couldn't find the bigger injector I ordered. Then the new ECU was blowing the fuse.

Got a new timing case plug and injector ordered from Honda. I traced down the harness short causing the blown fuse to the accessory cable for the ECU. There is a diode on the power out wire to prevent back feeding into the ECU. There is also a capacitor across the power and ground. I cracked the capacitor when routing the harness. I emailed the speed shop I ordered the part from a couple times to figure it out. I purchased a new one and they refunded the cost less shipping. Stand up place.

Fast forward to last Saturday. I went into the shop and got it all buttoned up. Drove it home being easy on the throttle. I never wound it out but I did note 69mph with no fuss and way better bottom end. It felt really good.

Sunday I took it out planning on about 100 miles mix of around town and higher speed to break it in and get the fueling map dialed in. As some race car projects go "It was going great until it wasn't" at about mile 30 i was doing a full pull and near the top of 4th it lost power.

Momma and the kids are out of town so as any real man would do, I pulled it into the livingroom and tore it down.

Shits blown up. Mind you, I hand fitted the rings and am sure of the .009 on the top ring and .011 on the lower ring. These were the looser edge of the spec. I was monitoring the AFR and am pretty sure of about 12.9 -13.1 ish.

I ended up ordering a 143cc piston and jug. It is not the build I wanted but the cheapest option. Not low quality parts, just not what I want. The 143cc is 2 points compression higher than stock, 2 points lower then the 125cc piston i had. There is a couple other options in the 170 and 180cc range. The bigger you go the more heat and more supporting mods required. I just want the damn thing to work.

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Apr 9, 2013
Damn, that sucks. Does look like a ring fitment issue though.
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