What the H@ll is the US coming to?


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Apr 12, 2009
Two stories below that are a good indication of what things are coming to,,,,really pisses me off...Am I missing something or is this still America????

Story One: [url]http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,522659,00.html?test=latestnews[/URL]

Debbie McLucas comes from a patriotic family – her husband and both of her sons served in the U.S. military, and her daughter is currently deployed to Iraq on her second tour of duty as a combat medic.
So when McLucas arrived at work at a Texas hospital last Friday, she was stunned to be told that the Stars and Stripes she had hung in her office in advance of Memorial Day were offensive, and that the flag had been removed.
“I got into work, I was met by my supervisor and told that there had been multiple complaints, that people found the flag very offensive and it had been taken down," McLucas told FOXNews.com.
"I went to the office to retrieve it and found the flag wrapped around the pole, sitting in the corner on the ground. I was speechless."
McLucas, a supervisor at Kindred Hospital in Mansfield, Texas, had displayed the 3-by-5-foot flag in the office she shares with the hospital’s three other supervisors. McLucas said one of her colleagues, a woman who immigrated to the United States from Africa 14 years ago, complained about the flag to upper management, and the hospital decided to take down the flag.
"I was told that as long as my flag offended one person, it would be taken down," McLucas said.

She said the hospital told her that the American flag flying outside the building would have to suffice. "I was told, ‘There is a flag hanging out front, everyone can see that one. Is that not enough?’"
No, she said, that wasn't enough.
"It is more than I can even fathom, that you would find the American flag offensive, in America," McLucas said.
A Kindred Healthcare spokeswoman did not return calls for comment. Kindred issued a press release stating, “Kindred Hospital Mansfield has a great deal of appreciation for the service that many of our employees and their families have given to their country. We honor our veterans and active military through a variety of benefits and service programs. This was an isolated incident between two employees that we are working to resolve amicably.”
The statement went on to explain: “The disagreement was over the size of the flag and not what it symbolized. We have invited the employee to put the flag back up.”
And it will go back up and stay up, McLucas said.
"I do think they're trying to do the right thing. I have no reason to believe the flag won't remain there as long as I'm employed."

Story Two: [url]http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,522637,00.html?test=latestnews[/URL]

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pastor David Jones and his wife Mary have been told that they cannot invite friends to their San Diego, Calif. home for a Bible study — unless they are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to San Diego County.
"On Good Friday we had an employee from San Diego County come to our house, and inform us that the Bible study that we were having was a religious assembly, and in violation of the code in the county." David Jones told FOX News.
"We told them this is not really a religious assembly — this is just a Bible study with friends. We have a meal, we pray, that was all," Jones said.
A few days later, the couple received a written warning that cited "unlawful use of land," ordering them to either "stop religious assembly or apply for a major use permit," the couple's attorney Dean Broyles told San Diego news station 10News.
But the major use permit could cost the Jones' thousands of dollars just to have a few friends over.
For David and Mary Jones, it's about more than a question of money.
"The government may not prohibit the free exercise of religion," Broyles told FOX News. "I believe that our Founding Fathers would roll over in their grave if they saw that here in the year 2009, a pastor and his wife are being told that they cannot hold a simple Bible study in their own home."
"The implications are great because it’s not only us that’s involved," Mary Jones said. "There are thousands and thousands of Bible studies that are held all across the country. What we’re interested in is setting a precedent here — before it goes any further — and that we have it settled for the future."
The couple is planning to dispute the county's order this week.
If San Diego County refuses to allow the pastor and his wife to continue gathering without acquiring a permit, they will consider a lawsuit in federal court.


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Jan 23, 2009
Simple answer!
Socialistic democracy run but American hating, money grubbing left wing nut jobs:mad:

You do not want me to post my real feelings!!!!

Big country

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Mar 6, 2009
Cedar Park,TX
I'm not a constitutional expert, but it would seem to me there are some rights being denied.
In a big way! This is the kind of shit that got tens of thousands of men killed in a conflict some years back. I think it was British troops wearing red coats if I'm not mistaken. California is a place that needs to be quarantined.

Big country

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Mar 6, 2009
Cedar Park,TX
"weather they are on a public or PRIVATE drive or road way we want to make sure that they are parking safely"
WTF? Who gives a flying rats a$$ about how they park on a private road. This is a ridiculous case and they county is trying their CYOA tactics and running in circles.


Jan 27, 2009
Comanche Co., Texas
"weather they are on a public or PRIVATE drive or road way we want to make sure that they are parking safely"
WTF? Who gives a flying rats a$$ about how they park on a private road. This is a ridiculous case and they county is trying their CYOA tactics and running in circles.
My sentiments, exactly !


Mar 11, 2008
DFW, North Texas
#2 is asinine and I didn't even read it in detail nor any follow up.

#1 is old news, covered in 1-2 other threads and is a done deal, although some of the protesters may still be hanging around.
Feb 13, 2009
Humble, TX
There are days when I seriously wonder if we are seeing a decline of a great nation. It seems what was good is no longer so (Boyscouts, Church, Marriage between a MAN and a WOMAN and our Flag) and what should be shunned (Gay Marriage, Gun Control, Legalized Drugs) is perfectly acceptable. We've turned completely on our heads.


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