What to get next thread


TGT Addict
Jul 24, 2011
Conroe, TX
Budget is $300 i have all the guns i want except for a dedicated 22lr and i sold my shotgun but thinking of grabbing another. I almost pulled the trigger on a new stock but figured id give it some thought even though i will be definately getting one, just not sure if i should make it this weeks purchase or wait.

Should i upgrade the flimsy stock on my savage 10 since i mainly use a bipod on it and im pretty sure my free floated barrel is negated when hooked to a bipod as i think it flexes enough to touch the barrel.

Buy a dedicated 22lr. Even though i just recently traded for a 22lr conversion for my ar15.

buy a shotgun, which would get the least amount of use as i hunt a lot but typically for things my other guns would be better apt at and the occasional turkey shoot and ducks, etc.

Or get more ammo.
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