what's best load for AR 308win with Varget


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Oct 15, 2013
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what is the best load for AR10 308win with Varget on the 18" SASS 1:10 twist barrel. The bullet is Hornady 165Gr. InterLock BTSP.


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Jan 24, 2011
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Start at 42.0. Work your way up in small .2 -.3 grain increments. Max is 46.0, which yields a compressed load, and is a bad prescription IMO.

Consult a good load book. There is no "best load" for any rifle, only the best load you can derive through trial and error. If you use military cases, drop your loads by 10%.

Asking for load data on the interwebs from people you don't know is a recipe for pain.

Good luck!


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Jan 3, 2010
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It will vary by rifle.
Same make and model, no 2 just alike.


I got rid of my .308 before I started using Varget, so I can't offer a suggested load, but I can say that I found quite a bit of difference in accuracy with loads 0.5 grains different. The .308 seemed to be much more susceptible to that than the .30-06, but I don't know how much is because of case volume and how much was just the particular rifle. Set up some loads and test until you find a sweet spot. (A .308 can be extremely consistent when you get the right load.)


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Sep 5, 2009
Like previously stated, every rifle is different. One of my 308s, a Remington 700 AAC-SD with 1:10 twists seems to hate Varget. But H380 shoots good in it.


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Nov 22, 2011
I won't quote my own powder charges online but perhaps the following might be on point. It's quoted from Zediker's Handloading for Competition:

"If your .308 bolt gun doesn't shoot small groups with IMR 4064, you probably have a gun problem... VARGET has also emerged as a .308 standard, and it works very, very well out to the heaviest bullets. Too slow burning, however, my opinion, for a gas gun (excessive port pressure).

The 4895 "family" ... also performs well in this cartridge with "medium" bullets. ... 4895 is a little faster burning than 4064 and, therefore, produces more suitable port pressure. 4064 is not going to hurt a rifle, but the pressure characteristics of 4895 are well suited to gas guns. If your M14 doesn't shoot well with 4895, you probably have a gun problem. ...

"Real" Palma winners tend to use VARGET, VV N150, or... 4064. ...

This is easy to find, but 42.5gr of IMR 4064 with a Sierra 168 ... "(is a staple).
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