When All Are Available - Which Mfg. of the Covid Vaccine Are You Going To Get?



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May 25, 2009
Should come free. Isn't China paying for all of it? In reality, I'm not going to get one. I'll just stay at home and watch what happens!
You're joking right? The WHO agreed to let China take the lead on the Covid investigation. Their current theory is Covid-19 started in India the summer before it hit Wuhan.

Letting China be in charge of this is like expecting the US Congress to impose term limits on Congress. They might both pretend to be serious, but they're only in it for their own self interest.


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Nov 8, 2008
Let's see.......

Tuskegee Syphilis Study
Guatemala syphilis experiments
United States Human Radiation Experiments
Operation Sea-Spray

Unethical human experimentation in the United States
13 Instances Of Unethical Human Experimentation Performed In The United States

Let's pay people at least $1,000 to get a COVID-19 vaccine, some top economists and a former 2020 presidential candidate say


Nov 1, 2015
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The fun news is starting to trickle out. I've read one of the vaccines, don't remember which one, did their testing like they would have in the old days and didn't account for the ways of life now like keeping track of who wore a mask, or stayed at home, or social distanced, etc.

Very likely the other tests didn't do that either. That could mean these 90%-95% effective vaccines are only 25% effective and a large number of test subjects had just decided to self isolate.

I'm not opposed to vaccines, but the doctors, nurses, police, fire, ems, (politicians) etc. will get the first rounds. Seems like a very interesting test batch to roll out on.

Society would become quite different if we lost a lot of those folks (except for the politicians, we'd be fine if we lost them).
So you have two groups, one gets the vaccine and one gets placebo. The people don't know which one they get. I think we can assume that since they don't know what they got that both groups would have the same number that lockout, wear a mask, etc. Then you need to wait until a certain number of them get Covid, I think they said 150 people. If 142 of the people got placebo and got Covid and 8 of the vaccine people got Covid they say 95% effective.
I think you are right about risk for doctors, nurses, etc. Wouldn't be good if they all came down with bad side effects. Politicians, who cares.
In the real old days they used prisoners for this kind of testing. Nowadays we just let them out.

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Nov 7, 2015
In the news the various vaccines in the pipeline are all highly touted, but what's not ever mentioned is how few are willing to be first in line...wonder why?


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