When asked why you need hi cap mags & AWs


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Apr 8, 2008
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When encountering people who aren't satisfied with constitutional protections as a reason to not ban standard capacity magazines & "Assault Weapons" in the media and otherwise I've heard lots of gun rights advocates present rather underwhelming arguments as to why they are needed. So I composed one that I think is the most effective I've heard yet AND ends up with the person reading/hearing it all but forced to say/think "Yes I want the AW w/ hi cap mag!"
IMO the best way to respond to this question is first agreeing that nobody NEEDS a magazine more than 10 rounds or an AW. In just the same way nobody NEEDS ABS brakes on their car or a deadbolt lock on their door. However a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds or a ergonomically/logically designed repeating rifle/shotgun is quite a useful tool to defend yourself if you are facing a determined and capable threat(s) to your or your loved one's life/health/property.

To illustrate:
Here's a hypothetical (& to often real) situation that could vividly illustrate the utility of these tools to all but the most most vehemently close minded or those so open minded their brains fell out.
Suppose you're at home and you hear intruders breaking in & overhear them talking to each other about rounding up all the people in the house so they can torture the whereabouts of all your valuables out of you before they dispose of all witnesses. Realizing that you are faced with the necessity of defending yourself from multiple armed attackers who will actively avoid shots you fire at them from a gun while likely shooting back or otherwise attacking you and taking into account you know you aren't a great shot even in ideal lighting/situation with stationary targets because you aren't super talented & don't have the time/$ to practice frequently you look in your closet safe at two comparable loaded semi automatic rifles/shotguns you have in front of you that you can use to defend yourself. The only differences between the two are that one of them can hold more than ten rounds & has a more compact, ergonomic design that allows you to hold onto it better when firing it more than once or from different positions(A.K.A. "assault weapon" features).
Which one are you going to choose?

AND HERE IS A REAL (& really awesome might I add) EXAMPLE:
Stephen Bayazes of North Augusta, S.C. who was forced to use his Ar-15 and more than one 30rnd mag to defend this life, wife & business last August against a group of armed robbers.
North Augusta gun shop owner kills suspected burglar, injures two others | The Augusta Chronicle

For the really determined knucklehead who responds with something like "Well you could use a handgun. Why would you need a rifle?" (you know... in that elitist know-it-all smug voice) it might be worth pointing out (yes yes I know probably not, these are the close/empty minded ones that will never understand) that while handguns are convenient to carry around & MIGHT be easier to use in a confined space (largely due to those damned NFA regulations on SBR's, SBS's & AOW's) but their projectiles generally don't carry anywhere near the persuasion of a rifle/shotgun and are difficult to hit an evasive target with at ranges more than say 10-30yds compared to a long-gun. Naturally they will then ask "Why would you need to shoot somebody that far away?" If you want to continue in this exercise in futility you can kindly remind them that not everyone lives in the city where that's a relatively long distance for self defense shots and that some would be victims are blessed with the luck/skill of identifying a potential threat before the threat has snuck up next to them.

& to flap my gums just a little more...
THE POINT IS that if you don't know much about guns or haven't given serious thought/research into what attributes make a good weapon to defend yourself with and how you would go about using it should the need arise...

Regardless of whether or not you believe we should have to go out and argue for our 2nd Amend. rights, the fact is that LOTS OF IGNORANT BOOBS VOTE!
What do y'all think? Other ideas?
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Feb 28, 2013
Sounds good to me but I never go into that much detail trying to explain to someone why I need a 30 round mag. I just compare it to seat belts and airbags in a car. You dont plan on getting in a wreck but just in case it happens you are prepared.


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Mar 25, 2009
When asked why you need hi cap mags&AW's

Less than 1% of Americans own transferrable "assault weapons". An ar15 or a semi auto ak variant isn't an assault weapon, they weren't deigned for war and they weren't deigned for the sole purpose of killing people.

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Oct 15, 2009
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I just say that mags that hold more than 30 rounds are too heavy. A full 30 rounder is a good compromise of weight and firepower.

It is also about how you word it. A 30 round magazine isn't high capacity, it is full capacity.


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Mar 4, 2009
I usually agree with them and if I know what type of vehicle they drive I then compare my want for whatever gun they are bashing with the wants of someone to own a XX thousand dollar XXX when a Honda would do the drive every day just as well. It all comes down to personal wants and desires.


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Dec 12, 2011
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When asked why you need hi cap mags&AW's

If I do accept the premise, which usually I do not.

I simply say, imagine Rodney king in your living room high as a kite looking for your wife, how man times would you have to shoot a guy high as I kite as feels no pain before he goes down...


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Dec 19, 2011
I don't need a 30 round mag, but if I were in a SHTF/WROL scenario, riot, war, dealing with a tyrannical government, or multiple assailants in a home invasion I would prefer a 30 round mag over a 10 round mag.

My mother doesn't need a Large V8 F-150 to go to her job at the school, but when the water heater broke and we needed a new one, her truck came in handy.


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Nov 22, 2011
I simply say, imagine Rodney king in your living room...
If Rodney King is in my living room then I only need a single shot to kill myself. I've already decided that if the zombie apocalypse comes, I'm giving up and checking out early. ;)


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Aug 2, 2011
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If Rodney King is in my living room then I only need a single shot to kill myself. I've already decided that if the zombie apocalypse comes, I'm giving up and checking out early. ;)
Now, that's funny!


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