when did Texas leave?

M. Sage

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Jan 21, 2009
San Antonio
I think it's because the extreme left actually do consider Texas a foreign country.

Before I moved here, I'd tell folks I talked to around San Francisco that I was planning on moving. I could always spot the socialists, because when they asked where I was going and I replied "Texas", their faces would get all crinkled up like they'd bit into a lemon.

And yes, I told a few people they could go to hell and I'd go to Texas. :D

Old Man of the Mountain

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Jan 5, 2009
Oh yes in deedy
The REPUBLIC of TEXAS and you other 49 states can kiss our grits.
Man how I wish that were true.

It is true!

Some say that Texas never legally joined the Union in the first place, and it seems like they have a good argument, but either way, the Citizens of our Republic of Texas officially left the Union when Dixie did.

My entire life (and I ain't no youngster) I have listened to folks telling us that all we really have to do is just insist upon the fact that we are not a part of that detestable Union, and then the Feds would officially have to just let us be Texas, and they can go their own way.

I wish we were already there, but if that happed tomorrow, I guess that would be alright!
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