Where else can I shoot?


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Oct 11, 2008
Cypress, TX
I recently purchased a shotgun for home defense. I would like for my wife to shoot it and to get used it. Most of the ranges around here (Cypress (NW Houston)), at least to my knowledge, allow shotguns only in the skeet areas.

She is not interested currently in skeet/trap shooting; and, quite frankly, being fairly new to guns, she doesn't feel at all comfortable (is intimidated about) going to a range.

I don't have friends around here that own substantial rural property where I could take her to just shoot a bit and get comfortable enough with it to go to a range. But I am also concerned about running afoul of county ordinances or I would just find a nice remote field or riverbank and show her how to fire it.

Anyone have a suggestion where I might be able to do some informal target shooting/training?



Sep 20, 2008
Hot Wells should let you, just explain the situation...
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