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  • 69ChevelleLSX

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    Dec 7, 2019
    So my son And I did some yard work yesterday. About 11 am my neighbor comes over to say we knocked out his back window of his truck with rocks. I told him I’d check the cameras to see. He said not to worry about it he will replace the window because it probably was a accident. I said yeah I hear you like when y’all broke my front door glass weed whipping(I have that on camera) and when y’all broke my wife’s FJ rear window( I don’t have the breaking of the glass but do have him weed whipping and rock/dust flying towards her truck) crap happens.(I paid for the repairs myself)
    He said maybe lift the deck next time I’m cutting (I was scalping the yard deck was at its lowest setting with bagger attached)
    20 minutes later the cops where asking me if my video caught anything. I pulled it up and said my videos doesn’t show his truck, they are out of frame by 2 feet. The cop said if it was a accident He told them to file a insurance claim. He just wanted to see if my cameras caught anybody breaking the window. About 2 hours later the guys wife came over and said sorry about the cops coming over she doesn’t want us to think she called them on us. I told her that’s alright. And I’ll check the cameras to see if I can hear or see anything. I reviewed the camera and can here audible cracks(almost like a pellet gun) and a thud as a car drove by about 50 mph. Lawnmower footage shows my son standing facing the truck as I run the lawn mower across grass by the road. No noise other then the mower. Son said he didn’t see the window shattered until the guy was backing out about 3 hours later.
    This morning she sent me a invoice for the rear window and I sent her a video of the car speeding past with the cracks and thud. She of course said she can’t hear anything. Who’s the a-hole here.
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    Apr 13, 2018
    Sounds like bullshit. It’s no different in “the country”. We, and by we I mean three neighbors, call the cops all the time on a drug house. Outside of them I like my neighbors. One is a lesbian and the others are a law enforcement couple with a son who’s pretty cool. Then down the road on 100 acres Is my boys baseball coach. You will never be rid of dip shits. Unless you’re neighbor is a crime lord, I’d just try to talk some sense into him and invite him over for a beer. One of the neighbors I like had a fire get away from her. Wind worked against it going into our pasture. I wasn’t mad. Fire department put it out. That’s between her and the authorities. I hold no grudges for her. If they sent you an invoice they imo hold something against you. An invoice is an impulsive move though and legally retarded. I take it they have a history of impulsive behavior? Still might be worth having a beer over. Your call not mine. Things could be worse. You could always end up reconfiguring a meth Billy’s face with a .45
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