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  • Lonesome Dove

    A man of vision but with no mission.
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    Sep 25, 2018
    Cut n Shoot, Texas
    Anyone call things other names than what they actually are?
    Maybe I'm weird but some people get a kick out of it especially if I don't tell them what I'm talking about. Some are pretty savy and figure it out. Other times I just get a WTF type look. I'll start with this and what it actually is. Maybe someone will get it right off....... Flat birds = tree leaf


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    Apr 13, 2018
    Political terms:
    Communist =democrats
    Red lot lizards = democrat voters

    Automotive terms:
    Put it in the ketchup = floor it

    Other random terms:
    Fucking mint = When whatever job or project you’re working on goes to shit to crazy extremes but nothing you can do about it but laugh and embrace it


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    Mar 10, 2017
    Not really calling things by different names but Ive picked up alot of northern sayings from my wife and some of the folks on my dads extended side of the family. Atleast I am guessing they are northern because I never heard them from my parents or relatives from the south.

    Sure as shit
    Shit for brains
    Shit the bed
    Screwed the pooch
    Numb nuts
    Heavier than a dead hooker (there is a racist version of this I heard when I was hunting in PA before)
    My one brother in law from up there calls black people Canadians for reasons I wont bring up but Id never heard that before ever

    One thing that always stuck out in my mind was how casually people up there called each other assholes. It wasnt even meant to offend them either. Theyd just use it in casual conversation with no malice intended. Example: "I was talking to some asshole the other day and he said it was going to snow".

    I call my dog asshole for this reason


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    Jul 8, 2021
    gayer than elton john in a neon pink cadillac = too fabulous even for the likes of myself
    clippazine = magazine or clip
    squishies = the fatty gristle on steak i dislike
    Moist Nugget = Mosin Nagant
    Hand Nugget = 1895 Nagant Revolver
    Lever Nugget = 1895 Winchester in 7.62x54R
    Auto Nugget = SVT 40 or SVD
    Agay = AK
    GayR= AR
    Kebabinite = Turkish Guns
    Czechnology = Czech made guns
    Shitbox = any vaguely terrible used car with imperfections
    Dinosaur Squeezins = Gasoline
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