WInchester 1500 SA (ranger) carrier issue HELP!

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  • Ghosty1

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    Feb 9, 2014
    First, new to the site, but happy to be here! LOTS of great info, and lots of fun to browse (and reply) to older posts.
    I am not a gunsmith, nor presume to be one, but i am working that direction. I do all my own work on my guns as well as help with friends issues, as it seems to me, that is the only way to gain required skill/knowledge-actually doing it! This is one of those lol...
    I have never personally fired this shotgun, so only info as to problem was what guy told me, which was the gun works fine, but safety wont engage. Everything else is fine.
    OK, so have to take the entire trigger group down to fix this issue. not fun. not super hard, but a nice parts broken/bent/ruined that i could see. the safety detente had merely lost its grip on the spring or vice versa. correct this, safety works fine now.
    Assemble gun and check for proper cycling. All works *except* now it will not feed a new shell. It appears to me that the mag follower is either too far back (toward butt end) or the carrier is too far forward (toward muzzle.) They interfere, very slightly, but enough that the carrier cannot overcome the mag follower to load a new shell.
    I did not remove/mess with mag follower in any way, and all else seems to be correct, but it clearly isnt. I suspect I did something wrong, but I have no idea what it is.
    To sum up, it used to be a semi auto shotgun. now its a single shot, LOL.

    Any help is very appreciated in advance!

    PS: i did search and scan forum to see if this subject had come up before i started this thread-didnt see anything. so if i overlooked, apologies...
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