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    Feb 28, 2021
    Central Pennsylvania


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    Sep 5, 2019
    Texarkana - Across The Border

    Der weiße Engel was not named Szell but actually was Mengele. Great scene though from Marathon Man.

    I had a dentist in NY whose name was Dr. Menger (as best I recall but I am terrible with names). He always used his dental pick to dig deep into suspected cavities (or maybe to create them) and drilled my teeth without pain killer when I was a kid well into my teens or even young twenties. When I visited NY, while I was working as Border Patrol Agent in southern CA, I went to see him for a check up. He told me he remembered how much I did not like the pain of the drill and for the first time he gave me what I guess was novacaine to deaden any pain while he took out an old filling and refilled that tooth. It was during that visit, that for the first time while working on my teeth, he rolled up his sleeves and I saw the numbers on one of his forearms not far above his wrist. Either that was payback because my mom used to tell him how wonderful it was he was from Germany because our family (half of it) was of German descent or it was what I thought of later. I guess he took it out on me, maybe on all the kids he saw. I figured then, his sadism (and believe me I think it was just that and that he genuinely enjoyed giving pain) was because he had been interred in a concentration camp. Years later, I had the thought, maybe he was not Jewish after all - maybe he was pure German and one of Adolf's boys but one who had never made it to Brazil. He certainly lived up to the picture of the perfect a horrendously cruel Aryan maniac. What better way for a nazi to hide than to apply a number on his arm and act the part of the victim. Of course, that is only conjecture at best,. Either way though - he was a nasty scumbag.

    The location of his office is still a dentist office today. The corner building with white door and black awning to the viewer's right.
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