"Would anyone on the other side dispute that this bill would ban weapons that are in common use in the United States today?"... "Yea..."

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  • etmo

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    Jan 25, 2020
    Cedar Creek, Tx
    They know if they can get any anti 2A bill passed it could take years to get SCOTUS to knock it down.

    This doesn't matter anymore. The Bruen decision sent a clear message to courts everywhere that the 2A is not a 2nd class right, and governments need to keep their hands off our RKBA. Courts are starting to get the memo.

    You might ask, "Who cares, why does this help us since it takes years for SCOTUS to get to anything?"

    The answer is since lower courts have gotten the memo that they must respect the 2A, they are much more likely to grant restraining orders against laws which are obviously unconstitutional. So that means we don't need to wait 10 years for relief from SCOTUS, we can get relief in a day or two from a local district court. Then, it's up to the state (or whatever entity created the unconstitutional crap in the first place, in the OP it's Congress) to appeal, and they have to bear the burden of fighting it out up the chain in the court system.

    This happened just a few days ago in Colorado. A town passed a ban on ARs, and the local district court slapped it with a temporary restraining order (TRO), citing Bruen perfectly. If you're interested, I posted about it here.

    Perhaps most importantly, the judge who did that was appointed by Obama. If even the leftists are starting to get the hint, it means the door of legislative abuse (where the leftists pass a ton of anti-2A laws just to see us suffer for the 5-10 years it takes for us to get it to SCOTUS) is closing fast.

    We've even seen this deep behind enemy lines. In Kkkalifornia, a district judge named Roger Benitez has hit a number of their anti-2A laws with TROs, as well as ruling others to be unconstitutional, and he was doing this even before the Bruen decision.

    With a federal law like we're discussing in the OP, it's even easier. If an anti-2A law gets passed in some horrid anti-2A place like NY, finding a pro-2A judge might be a real challenge. But a federal law affects everyone, so we can go to a local district judge in a pro-2A place like Louisiana or Texas, and that judge can issue a TRO against the federal law, and put a stop to it for the entire nation.

    Since it will be that easy to get a TRO, you can bet the law being discussed in the OP is just posturing / virtue-signaling.
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