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Phoebe Ann

Jun 1, 2009
Houston ish
If you had an opportunity to have a private meeting with Obama...

1) Would you?
2) What would you say?
3) What would you ask?

This is a serious question. Many would jump at the opportunity. Many would not. However, on a gun forum, I have no idea. I'm curious as to your responses.




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Oct 22, 2008
DFW Keller
After his campaign speech, I's say Oh, really?
WTF are you thinking, and where is the damn birth certificate?


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Jan 23, 2009
After his campaign speech, I's say Oh, really?
WTF are you thinking, and where is the damn birth certificate?

I'm with on that Navy but I would say you don't produce the birth certificate I'm gonna open a can of Texas Whoop Ass on ya so big, were gonna blow the dome of this place!
Then WTF are you thinking and where is the birth certificate?


Mar 16, 2009
I don't know to be honest. I think I would have to meet him, but there are so many things we could go over it's nearly impossible to narrow it down. Further, I feel that I would be wasting my time. After all, when thousands of American's stood together (read Tea Party), he (and his lap dog Pelosi) blew us off as though it was nothing. On top of that, as Dcortez said, I have nothing in common with him. For one, I love our country while he clearly does not.


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Feb 21, 2008
Austin, TX
If you had an opportunity to have a private meeting with Obama...

1) Would you?


2) What would you say?
There is a clear and insurmountable wall of evidence to show the fiscal irresponsibility of our government over the last half century to century. There has been a continued increase in wasteful spending, economical incompetence, and fiduciary irresponsibility in the face of all common sense and a mountain of factual data to suggest other more sensible approaches. There is no debate about these claims as there is over 50 years worth of data, scientific studies, and plenty of peer reviewed findings to support these claims. Regardless of the complete, pure and utter irrationality on this continued downward spiral into pure anarchy, we continue towards a path of destruction of all financial, economical, and personal freedom towards a modern quasi-fascist/communist/socialistic society where everyone lives off the government and to serve the government.

3) What would you ask?
Can you, in good conscience, continue aiding this insanely irrational avenue towards complete failure? Are you brave enough and honorable enough to join the illustrious ranks of our founding fathers, and stand on the side of righteousness in choosing a correct approach to these fiscal/economical situations we face, regardless of whether those positions are popular or not? All most politicians ever do these days is berate us, treat us like children, and effectively "beat" us down every day with their continued programs, legislation, regulation, etc. Are you going to be one of those few politicians that will empower the individual to go out and make something of their lives on their own, empower people to seek personal freedom and success as opposed to trying to expand the societal "welfare" mindset?

As evidenced by his short time in office already, Obama has already broken every single one of the promises he made during his campaign, is embracing many of Bushes policies he campaigned against, is actually taking a middle ground in many areas, and is really driving home the point that our elections are fixed and Democrat vs. Republican, Left vs. Right really is nothing more than a game of divide and conquer to keep us choosing between two sides of the same coin as opposed to ever considering any "third" options.


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Mar 28, 2008
1) Would you?

Sure. But not in DC. He can come to my world. See my friends, see my life, see my perspective.

2) What would you say?

Hello, nice to meet you, welcome. Did you have a good trip? Eat some BBQ yet? Would you like a beer? ...no smoking in my house please

3) What would you ask?

Good question. I'd have to think about this for a bit.

Big country

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Mar 6, 2009
Cedar Park,TX
yes. Good to meet any president. Kinda

I would gladly fight and gladly die to defend this country and the people who live hear. You would gladly denounce a war on our enemies and bow to their leaders. This is all unacceptable and you know it, but yet you do it anyway. you can't appease everyone eventually someone will still be pissed of at us. But you are the only one who is worried about pissing off your people.

Mr Obama, What good do you see coming from a socialistic government that simple history has already shown that that form of government will fail? This is the same thing that brought down the USSR and all the other communist countries in the world. Mr. President for the country's sake, don't be a dumb ass.



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